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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Being Mathematical Relations: Dynamic Gestures Support Mathematical ReasoningWalkington, Candace; Boncoddo, Rebecca; Williams, Caroline; Nathan, Mitchell J.; Alibali, Martha W.; Simon, Erica; Pier, Elizabeth
2022Designs for Grounded and Embodied Mathematical LearningNathan, Mitchell J.; Walkington, Candace; Swart, Michael I.
2021Embodied Design for Mathematical Imagination and CognitionNathan, Mitchell J.; Williams-Pierce, Caro; Walkington, Candace; Abrahamson, Dor; Ottmar, Erin; Soto, Hortensia; Alibali, Martha W.
2021-06Embodied Transmission of Ideas: Collaborative Construction of Geometry Content and Mathematical ThinkingKirankumar, Veena; Sung, Hanall; Swart, Michael; Kim, Doy; Xia, Fangli; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Nathan, Mitchell; Walkington, Candace
2023Examining Mathematical Questioning During Math WalksSager, Marc T.; Sherard, Maximilian K.; Walkington, Candace; Petrosino, Anthony; Milton, Saki
2020-06Grounded and Embodied Mathematical Cognition for Intuition and Proof Playing a Motion-Capture Video GameSwart, Michael; Schenck, Kelsey; Xia, Fangli; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Nathan, Mitchell; Vinsonhaler, Rebecca; Walkington, Candace
2014-06Hear What They Say and Watch What They Do: Predicting Valid Mathematical Proofs Using Speech and GesturePier, Elizabeth; Walkington, Candace; Williams, Caroline; Boncoddo, Rebecca; Waala, Jessica; Alibali, Martha W.; Nathan, Mitchell J.
2022Learning Geometry Through Collaborative, Embodied Explorations With Augmented Reality HologramsWalkington, Candace; Nathan, Mitchell J.; Hunnicutt, Jonathan; Washington, Julianna; Holcomb-Webb, Kasi
2022Student-Created Math Walks in Informal Learning SpacesWalkington, Candace; Milton, Saki; Petrosino, Anthony J.; Sager, Marc T.; Dhingra, Koshi
2023Students’ Attitudes Towards Mathematics During Math WalksMilton, Saki; Sager, Marc T.; Walkington, Candace; Sherard, Maximilian K.; Petrosino, Anthony
2012-07Using Adaptive Learning Technologies to Personalize Instruction: The Impact of Interest-Based Scenarios on Performance in AlgebraWalkington, Candace; Sherman, Milan