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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-06Adaptive human guidance of computer-mediated group workSchwarz, Baruch; Wang, Christine; Chiu, Ming Ming; Ching, Cynthia; Koedinger, Kenneth; Walker, Erin; Rummel, Nikol; Schwarz, Baruch; Asterhan, Christa; Baker, Michael
2011-06Adaptive support for CSCL: Is it feedback relevance or increased student accountability that matters?Walker, Erin; Rummel, Nikol; Koedinger, Kenneth R.
2009-06Beyond Explicit Feedback: New Directions in Adaptive Collaborative Learning SupportWalker, Erin; Rummel, Nikol; Koedinger, Kenneth
2019-06Co-Design for Learner Help-Giving Across Physical and Digital ContextsAhmed, Ishrat; Girotto, Victor; Mawasi, Areej; Whitehurst, Amanda; Wylie, Ruth; Walker, Erin
2005-05Cognitive Tutoring of Collaboration: Developmental and Empirical Steps Towards RealizationMcLaren, Bruce M.; Bollen, Lars; Walker, Erin; Harrer, Andreas; Sewall, Jonathan
2022Combining Participatory Research With Responsible Research and Innovation to Develop Emerging Educational TechnologiesFriedman, Leah; Kenner, Alison; Walker, Erin
2008-06New challenges in CSCL: Towards adaptive script supportRummel, Nikol; Weinberger, Armin; Wecker, Christof; Fischer, Frank; Meier, Anne; Voyiatzaki, Eleni; Kahrimanis, George; Spada, Hans; Avouris, Nikolaos; Walker, Erin; Koedinger, Kenneth; Rose, Carolyn; Kumar, Rohit; Gweon, Gahgene; Wang, Yi-Chia; Joshi, Mahesh
2015-07Promoting Interaction by Integrating a Question and Answer Forum with a Digital TextbookWalker, Erin; Chakravarthi, Rohit; Rodriguez, James; Wylie, Ruth
2022Proposing a Role-Based Framework for Data LiteracyRisha, Zak; Mallavarapu, Aditi; Farzan, Rosta; Booth, Jaime; Sondel, Beth; Walker, Erin
2007-07The Student Becomes the Master: Integrating Peer Tutoring with Cognitive TutoringWalker, Erin; Rummel, Nikol; McLaren, Bruce; Koedinger, and Kenneth
2020-06Using Design-Based Research to Improve Peer Help-Giving in a Middle School Math ClassroomMawasi, Areej; Ahmed, Ishrat; Walker, Erin; Wang, Shang; Marasli, Zeynep; Whitehurst, Amanda; Wylie, Ruth
2018-07Using Iterative Design to Create Efficacy-Building Social Experiences with a Teachable RobotLubold, Nichola; Walker, Erin; Pon-Barry, Heather; Flores, Yuliana; Ogan, Amy