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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-0621st Century Assessment: Redesigning to Optimize LearningSvihla, Vanessa; Gawel, Drue; Vye, Nancy; Brown, Megan; Moore, Allison; Bransford, John
2008-06Considerations for the Development of a Preparation for Future Learning AssessmentGawel, Drue; Phillips, Rachel; Svihla, Vanessa; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John D.
2008-06Do Higher Levels of Arousal Predict Better Learning? An Investigation of Learning and Physiological ResponsesLee, Tiffany; Davis, Joan M.; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John D.
2014-06Educational Games in the Classroom: Design-Based Research and Methods for Classroom MediationPhillips, Rachel S.; Horstman, Theresa; Smith, Carmen Petrick; Ballweber, Christy; Preszler, Noelle Conforti; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John
2014-06Emotional Engagement in Agentive Science Learning EnvironmentsMorozov, Andrew; Herrenkohl, Leslie Rupert; Shutt, Kari; Thummaphan, Phonraphee; Vye, Nancy; Abbott, Robert D.; Scalone, Giovanna
2012-07Gathering Evidence of Scientific Argumentation Practices: From Pre-Kindergarten to High SchoolLee, Tiffany; Oura, Hiroki; Scalone, Giovanna; Shutt, Kari; Bransford, John; Shouse, Andrew; Van Horne, Katie; Vye, Nancy; Munn, Maureen; Knuth, Randy
2006-06The Role of People Knowledge in Learning Narrative and Domain ContentDavis, Joan; Lee, Tiffany; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2010-06The Role of Student Agency and Sustained Inquiry on Collaboration and Learning of Science PracticesShutt, Kari; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John
2009-06A tool for 21st Century Learning and AssessmentSvihla, Vanessa; Philips, Rachel; Gawel, Drue; Vye, Nancy; Brown, Megan; Bransford, John