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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Applying Syncretic Frameworks in the Learning SciencesJones, Karis; Storm, Scott; Beck, Sarah; McBride, Cherise; Reigh, Emily; Wilkerson, Michelle H.; Becerra, Tatiana; Lambraño, Enith; Vogelstein, Lauren; Y., Jasmine; Barrales, Wendy; Wu, Joyce; Wu, Felix; Vogel, Sara; Radke, Sarah; Hoadley, Christopher; Ascenzi-Moreno, Laura; Gutiérrez, Kris
2024Problems of Practice in Scaling Computational Thinking and Digital Literacies in Pre-service Teacher Education EffortsPhelps, David; Santo, Rafi; Vogel, Sara; Patel, Aankit; Angevine, Colin; Tello, Jessica Velez
2020-06Representing Percents and Personas: Designing Syncretic Curricula for Modeling and Statistical ReasoningRadke, Sarah; Vogel, Sara; Hoadley, Christopher; Y., Jasmine
2023Research as Relational: Stories of Ever-Present Learning Between Undergraduate Research Interns and Project ResearchersJames, Sarane; Vogelstein, Lauren; Y., Jasmine; Vogel, Sara; Barrales, Wendy; Ascenzi-Moreno, Laura; Hoadley, Christopher
2024Situating Equity in Technology Integrated Teacher Education: Supporting Faculty LearningNwoke, Ifeoma; Vogel, Sara; Patel, Aankit; Tello, Jessica Velez
2023Storytelling “in Theory”: Re-imagining Computational Literacies through the Lenses of Syncretism and TranslanguagingVogelstein, Lauren; McBride, Cherise; Y., Jasmine; Wilkerson, Michelle; Vogel, Sara; Barrales, Wendy; Ascenzi-Moreno, Laura; Hoadley, Christopher; Gutiérrez, Kris