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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06An Assessment Focused Research-Practice PartnershipVarma, Keisha; Loiselle, Tayler
2022Cognitive Processing in Online Communities of InquiryBullard, Samuel J.; Varma, Keisha
2020-06Creating Equitable Connected Learning Experiences for Teachers, Students, and ParentsVarma, Keisha; Gullickson, Elena Contreras; Loiselle, Tayler; Rohloff, Corissa; Lopez, Isabel; Bullard, Samuel; Simpson, Lucas; Abdi, Abdirashid
2017-07Exploring Student Engagement in an Augmented Reality GameVanMeerten, Nicolaas; Varma, Keisha
2020-06I Solved it! Using the Rubik’s Cube to Support Mental Rotation in a Middle School Science ClassroomValerie, Jesslyn; Aylward, Gary; Varma, Keisha
2012-07Improving Students' Scientific Reasoning Skills via Virtual Experiments and Worked ExamplesLiu, Shiyu; Varma, Keisha
2008-06Improving the Design and Impact of Interactive, Dynamic Visualizations for Science LearningChang, Hsin-Yi; Shen, Ji; Chiu, Jennifer; Clark, Douglas; Menekse, Muhsin; Schleigh, Cynthia D’Angelo Sharon; Touchman, Stephanie; McElhaney, Kevin; Varma, Keisha; Price, Aaron; Lee, Hee-Sun
2022Playful Learning Following Deviations: A Mixture of Tinkering, Causal Explanations, and Revision RationalesDeLiema, David; Goeke, Megan; Hussein, Basel; Valerie, Jesslyn; Anderson, Craig; Varma, Keisha; Chen, Bodong; Salehi, Shima; Bernacki, Matthew
2020-06Student Voice and Student Choice: Middle School Science Teachers Foster Identity Using a Social Learning EnvironmentGullickson, Elena Contreras; Varma, Keisha
2022Understanding the Factors Influencing Persistence: What Can Novices Learn From Experts?Ristani, Gina; Varma, Keisha; Van Boekel, Martin; Varma, Sashank; Varma, Sashank
2010-06Using Visualization to Link Abstract Science and Everyday ExperienceShen, Ji; Chang, Hsin-Yi; Chiu, Jennifer; Clark, Douglas; McElhaney, Kevin; Varma, Keisha; Wiebe, Eric; Zhang, Helen; Linn, Marcia
2018-07"Your Turn!”: Playing Cooperative Modern Board Games to Promote Perspective Taking and Cooperative AttitudesWang, Yu-Chi; Doll, Jenifer; Varma, Keisha