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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Exploring the Composition Process of Peer FeedbackAlqassab, Maryam; Strijbos, Jan-Willem; Ufer, Stefan
2022Exploring the Diagnostic Process of Pre-Service Teachers Using a Simulation – A Latent Profile ApproachRadkowitsch, Anika; Sommerhoff, Daniel; Nickl, Michael; Codreanu, Elias; Ufer, Stefan; Seidel, Tina
2015-07Fostering Argumentation Skills in Mathematics with Adaptable Collaboration Scripts: Only Viable for Good Self-Regulators?Vogel, Freydis; Kollar, Ingo; Ufer, Stefan; Reichersdorfer, Elisabeth; Reiss, Kristina; Fischer, Frank
2024Fostering Diagnostic Skills with Simulations: A Research Synthesis of 237 Studies in Higher EducationChernikova, Olga; Heitzmann, Nicole; Holzberger, Doris; Neuhaus, Birgit; Kron, Stephanie; Ufer, Stefan; Fischer, Frank
2016-07Fostering University Freshmen’s Mathematical Argumentation Skills With Collaboration ScriptsVogel, Freydis; Kollar, Ingo; Ufer, Stefan; Reiss, Kristina; Fischer, Frank
2016-07The Function of Epistemic Emotions for Complex Reasoning in MathematicsBecker, Sandra; Pekrun, Reinhard; Ufer, Stefan; Meier, Elisabeth
2013-06Learning to Argue in Mathematics: Effects of Heuristic Worked Examples and CSCL Scripts on Transactive ArgumentationVogel, Freydis; Reichersdorfer, Elisabeth; Kollar, Ingo; Ufer, Stefan; Reiss, Kristina; Fischer, Frank
2016-07Mathematical Argumentation and Proof Supporting a Complex Cognitive SkillSommerhoff, Daniel; Ufer, Stefan; Kollar, Ingo
2021-06Scripting Small Group Processes within a Learning CommunityLi, Yanhong; Sommerhoff, Daniel; Ufer, Stefan; Slotta, James D.
2012-07Using Heuristic Worked Examples and Collaboration Scripts to Help Learners Acquire Mathematical Argumentation SkillsKollar, Ingo; Ufer, Stefan; Lorenz, Elisabeth; Vogel, Freydis; Reiss, Kristina; Fischer, Frank