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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-07Analyzing Students’ Collaborative Regulation Behaviors in a Classroom-Integrated Open Ended Learning EnvironmentEmara, Mona; Tscholl, Michael; Dong, Yi; Biswas, Gautam
2009-06Argumentation scheme and shared online diagramming in case-based collaborative learningDowell, John; Tscholl, Michael; Gladisch, Thomas; Asgari-Targhi, Marzieh
2008-06Characterising knowledge construction through a process analysis of dialoguesTscholl, Michael; Dowell, John
2018-07Detecting Patterns of Dynamic Teacher-Learner Interactions in Online Adult Learning through a Dynamic Systems ApproachKato, Yohei; Tscholl, Michael; Kunnen, Saskia
2005-05The Effect of Video-Augmented Chat on Collaborative Learning with CasesTscholl, Michael; McCarthy, John; Scholl, Jeremiah
2014-06Enacted Misconceptions: Using Embodied Interactive Simulations to Examine Emerging Understandings of Science ConceptsLindgren, Robb; Tscholl, Michael
2013-06Individualistic Appropriation as a Primary Mechanism of Collaborative Conceptual Change: A Case StudyTscholl, Michael; Dowell, John
2020-06Multimodal Data Analytics for Assessing Collaborative InteractionsKim, Yanghee; D'Angelo, Cynthia; Cafaro, Francesco; Ochoa, Xavier; Espino, Danielle; Kline, Aaron; Hamilton, Eric; Lee, Seung; Butail, Sachit; Liu, Lichuan; Trajkova, Milka; Tscholl, Michael; Hwang, Jaejin; Lee, Sungchul; Kwon, Kyungbin
2014-06Synergistic Scaffolding of Technologically-Enhanced STEM Learning in Informal InstitutionsLyons, Leilah; Anderson, Emma; Carney, Michael; Elinich, Karen; Lindgren, Robb; Tscholl, Michael; Quintana, Chris; Roberts, Jessica; Wang, Joyce; Yoon, Susan; Tabak, Iris