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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Designing STEM Classes for Hawaiian Youth’s Rightful PresenceTofel-Grehl, Colby
2021-06Differentiated Instruction in Online Teacher Professional DevelopmentFischback, Liam; Searle, Kristin; Tofel-Grehl, Colby
2020-06ESCAPE Puzzles: Bringing Physics to Fruition Through Classroom-Based MakingBall, Doug; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Searle, Kristin
2021-06Learning and Teaching about COVID-19: Engaging Students, Teachers and Families in Understanding Infectious Disease EpidemiologyKafai, Yasmin; Barton, Angela Calabrese; Greenberg, Day; Turner, Chandler; Riter, Devon; Herrenkohl, Leslie; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Tasker, Tammy; Roper, Za’Mani; Turner, Carmen; Labotka, Danielle; Martel, Sophie R.; Gelman, Susan A.; Trevors, Greg; Brenner, Eric; Chong, Cierra; Graham, Danielle; Kogler, Justin; Ladhani, Farhaan; Melo, Kevin; Momin, Ornab; Morello, Jordan; Whyte, Tanya; Willett, Sean; Oliver, Kara Wilson; Windeler, Ben; Wollenberg, Sam; Catete, Veronica; Hinckle, Madeline; Barnes, Tiffany; Wiebe, Eric; Fields, Deborah; Kafai, Yasmin; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Giang, Michael; Sun, Jen; Strawhacker, Amanda; Hansen, Tyler; Slotta, Jim
2020-06Making changes: Counteracting Latina Young Women’s Negative STEM Experiences Through Culturally Responsive Physical ComputingFischback, Liam; Searle, Kristin; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Kelly, Annie; Tofel-Grehl, Colby
2020-06Measuring Contextual Shifts in Multidimensional Identity in MakerspacesFeldon, David; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Searle, Kristin
2023Playful and Creative Assessment for Learning: Examples and Analyses From the FieldWoods, Peter J.; Lin, Grace C.; Anderson, Emma; Kim, YJ; Stoiber, Andy; Saplan, Kailea; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Feldon, David F.; Searle, Kristin; Suárez, Mario I
2018-07Professional Development for Secondary Science Teachers: A Faded Scaffolding Approach to Preparing Teachers to Integrate ComputingTofel-Grehl, Colby; Searle, Kristin A; Feldon, David F
2022Rural Teachers’ Computing Attitudes in Their ClassroomsMendenhall, Melissa P.; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Feldon, David F.
2021-06Teaching about COVID-19: Using a Virtual Epidemic to Contextualize and Problematize Infectious Disease Epidemiology in a High School ClassStrawhacker, Amanda; Hansen, Tyler; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Kafai, Yasmin
2020-06Using Circuit Playground Express and Maps To Visualize Population Migration DataCannell, Christa; Tofel-Grehl, Colby; Searle, Kristin