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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Authenticity Matters: Youth and Science Participation in Design-Based Learning EnvironmentsTierney, Gavin; Scipio, DeĢana
2024Constraints and Boundaries for Collective Agency in Co-DesignTierney, Gavin; Stamatis, Kristina
2021-06Contributions of a Situative Perspective on Motivation in the Learning Sciences: Theorizing Motivation for Youth Voice and EquityAdams-Wiggins, Karlyn R.; Tierney, Gavin
2018-07Defining Alternative as More Than At-Risk: Youth Defined Outcomes and Emerging Identities in Alternative SchoolsTierney, Gavin
2014-06Defining Success in an Alternative High School: Resources for the Reframing of EducationTierney, Gavin
2020-06Design Principles for the Design of Digital Badge Systems: Supporting Learning in Informal Science ProgramsHorstman, Theresa; Tierney, Gavin; Tzou, Carrie
2014-06Designing for Engagement in Environmental Science: Becoming "Environmental Citizens"Nolen, Susan Bobbitt; Tierney, Gavin; Goodell, Alexandra; Lee, Nathanie; Abbott, Robert D.
2023Designing for Equity: Moving Project-Based Learning From Equity Adjacent to Equity InfusedTierney, Gavin; Urban, Rochelle; Olabuenaga, Gina
2022Designing for More Than Just Product: Student Co-Design of Digital Badge SystemsTierney, Gavin; Horstman, Theresa
2023Envisioning a Sociopolical Framework for Care Within Teacher EducationTierney, Gavin; Sutton, Paul; Smith, Rebecca
2018-07Linking Identity Resources Across Roles: Family science workshops and badgingTierney, Gavin; Horstman, Theresa; Tzou, Carrie
2022Navigating Moments of Tension and Uncertainty in Co-Design of University CurriculumLin, Sharon; Tierney, Gavin
2020-06Negotiating Contradictions in Identity Development: Re-engaging Youth in Alternative School ContextsTierney, Gavin
2018-07Re-Engaging Youth: Using Discourse Analysis to Explore Individual Agency and Community BelongingTierney, Gavin
2023Situated Networks of Learning and Development: Shared Attention in Student Co-Design of Learning EnvironmentsTierney, Gavin; Horstman, Theresa
2020-06Student Engagement and the Negotiation of Joint Enterprise in a Project-Based Learning CourseTierney, Gavin; Nolen, Susan
2024Unpacking Paradox in Co-DesignPapendieck, Adam; Tierney, Gavin; Nguyen, Kevin; James, Nikki
2022When Care Is Not Enough: A Call for Critical and Sociopolitical Conscious CareTierney, Gavin; Smith, Rebecca; Sutton, Paul
2022When, Where, and at What Pace? Space and Time in Equitable Learning and DesignNguyen, Kevin; James, Nikki; Papendieck, Adam; Quintana, Rebecca M.; Tierney, Gavin; Clarke, Sherice; Lindgren, Robb