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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Breadboards and Paper Circuits: Differences in Advanced Circuitry Learning and PCB Layout DesignSedas, R. Mishael; Peppler, Kylie; Thompson, Naomi
2018-07Comparing First- and Third-Person Perspectives in Early Elementary Learning of Honeybee SystemsPeppler, Kylie A; Thompson, Naomi; Danish, Joshua; Moczek, Armin; Corrigan, Seth
2020-06Designing for Playful Math Engagement Across Learning EnvironmentsLee, Christine; Wongkamalasai, Megan; Thompson, Naomi; Jasien, Lara; Rubin, Andee
2019-06Exploring Disciplinary Boundaries in Early Elementary Students’ Developing PracticesPeppler, Kylie; Danish, Joshua; Thompson, Naomi
2018-07In the Hive: Designing for Emergence When Teaching Complex Systems In Early ChildhoodPeppler, Kylie A; Thompson, Naomi; Danish, Joshua; Moczek, Armin
2018-07Indoor Positioning Technology & Enhanced Engagement in Early Elementary Systems Thinking and Science LearningPeppler, Kylie A; Thompson, Naomi; Danish, Joshua; Moczek, Armin; Han, Shenshen
2024Investigating Linguistic Landscapes to Empower Multicultural Community Building in the University and BeyondLi, Ziqi; Thompson, Naomi
2020-06Learning Together: Reflections at the Intersection of Friendship, Research, and Learning ProcessesJackson, Ava; Vogelstein, Lauren; Clark, Heather; Lindberg, Lindsay; Thompson, Naomi; Uttamchandani, Suraj
2022Local-Global Maker-Places: Toward an Instrument for International Maker EducationKeune, Anna; Cain, Ryan; Dahn, Maggie; Kargin, Tolga; Thompson, Naomi
2020-06Math Cleverly Disguised As/With String: Overlapping Math Instantiations in WeavingThompson, Naomi
2022Mentors’ Learning Support Roles and Their Impact on Girls’ Identity ImaginationsThompson, Naomi; Ju, Bo; Nacu, Denise; Erete, Sheena; Pinkard, Nichole
2023Reimagining the Future of Teaching and Learning Using Black Feminist-Womanist Storytelling MethodologiesShaw, Mia S.; Thompson, Naomi; Worsley, Ti’Era; Rodgers, Aireale J.; Toliver, Stephanie
2021-06Sustaining Community and Relationships with Black and Latina Girls in an Out-of-School STEAM Learning Program during a Global CrisisThompson, Naomi; Ju, Bo; Erete, Sheena; Nacu, Denise; Pinkard, Nichole
2023To Quilt Is to Math: Investigating the Breadth and Depth of Mathematics in Fiber CraftsSaxena, Pooja; Keune, Anna; Thompson, Naomi; Peppler, Kylie
2022Using Interest and Identity to Design for Mentor PersistenceRamey, Kay; Berger, Wade; Thompson, Naomi; Pinkard, Nichole