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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Co-Designing an Adaptable Curriculum with Teachers: Affordances and Tensions in Flexible Partnership and CollaborationTayne, Kelsey; Stevenson, Kathryn; McCollum, Aurora; DeMattia, Elizabeth; Janosko, Julia; Tuttell, Feehan; Haynes, Leah
2020-06Deepening Perceptions of Learning: Studying and Designing Ethical Practice With Researchers, Teachers and LearnersVossoughi, Shirin; Bang, Megan; McDaid-Morgan, Nikki; Hooper, Paula; Berry, Allena; Papak, Alexis; Booker, Angela; Collins, Caroline; Marin, Ananda; Halle-Erby, Kyle; Agarwal, Priyanka; *, Meixi; Cortez, Arturo; Nzinga, Kalonji; Tayne, Kelsey; Davis, Natalie
2018-07Engaging with climate change as a socioscientific issue in an informal science learning environmentTayne, Kelsey; Littrell-Baez, Megan K.; Leckey, Erin H.; Gold, Anne U.
2024Exploring Narratives about People and the Environment in the Context of Resilience EducationTayne, Kelsey; Stevenson, Kathryn; McCollum, Aurora; DeMattia, Elizabeth; Jeffs, Patrick
2018-07Mobilizing Learning Progressions for Teacher Use: Examining the Utility of Outside Learning Progressions in Task Co-designFurtak, Erin Marie; Tayne, Kelsey
2018-07Pre-service Teachers’ Perspectives on Computer Science Education Within an Equity-Oriented Teacher Education ProgramTayne, Kelsey; Shapiro, R. Benjamin; Jurow, A. Susan; Hollingsworth, Max
2020-06Scaling a System of Professional Learning for Formative Assessment Co-Design: The Aspire ProjectFurtak, Erin; Deverel-Rico, Clarissa; Buell, Jason; Henson, Kate; Tayne, Kelsey