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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Connecting Formal and Informal Discourses to Create Yet Another Zone of LearningSuzuki, Hideyuki; Funaoi, Hideo
2022Designing a Method for Turmoilization of Understandings Through Multi-Voiced and Multi-Contextual ReflectionSuzuki, Hideyuki; Funaoi, Hideo; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Kato, Hiroshi
1997-12Designing a Video-Mediated Collaboration System Based on a Body MetaphorKato, Hiroshi; Yamazaki, Keiichi; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Kuzuoka, Hideaki; Miki, Hiroyuki; Yamazaki, Akiko
2017-07Effects of Perspective-Taking Through Tangible Puppetry in Microteaching Role-PlayMochizuki, Toshio; Wakimoto, Takehiro; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Hirayama, Ryoya; Funaoi, Hideo; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Kato, Hiroshi
2018-07Enhancing Online Structured Dialogue During Teaching Internships Through Digital Storytelling to Promote Professional SocializationMochizuki, Toshio; Kitazawa, Takeshi; Oshima, Jun; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Funaoi, Hideo
2015-07Fostering and Reflecting on Diverse Perspective-Taking in Role-Play Utilizing Puppets as the Catalyst Material under CSCLMochizuki, Toshio; Hirayama, Ryoya; Wakimoto, Takehiro; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Suzuki, Hideyuki
1997-12Identity Formation/Transformation as the Process of Collaborative Learning Through AlgoArenaSuzuki, Hideyuki; Kato, Hiroshi
1995-10Interaction-Level Support for Collaborative Learning: AlgoBlock—An Open Programming LanguageSuzuki, Hideyuki; Kata, Hiroshi
2020-06Introducing Mutual-Help Rules Based on the Idea of "Bi-directional Debt" Into a Project Learning Activity: Enhancing the Formation of Social Capital in ClassroomsSuzuki, Hideyuki; Hideo, Funaoi; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Kato, Hiroshi
2023Proposal and Evaluation of "proactive-Accentuated Nodding" to Enhance Active Listening in Presentation EducationSuzuki, Hideyuki; Funaoi, Hideo; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Kuzuoka, Hideaki; Sumida, Kotaro; Ohnishi, Ayumi; Terada, Tsutomu; Kato, Hiroshi
2013-06Puppetry as a Catalyst in Role-Play: A Device to Facilitate Gaining New Insights into the Perspectives of OthersMochizuki, Toshio; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Wakimoto, Takehiro; Hirayama, Ryoya; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Suzuki, Hideyuki
1999-12A Synchronous Collaborative Editing System for Learning to WriteTanikawa, Yukiko; Suzuki, Hideyuki; Kato, Hiroshi
2011-06Tabletop Teaching Simulation: Collaborative Multivoiced Simulation for Improving Lesson Plans in Pre-service TrainingMochizuki, Toshio; Sasaki, Hiroshi; Kubota, Yoshihiko; Suzuki, Hideyuki