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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Developing a Library of Typical Problems During Collaborative Learning in Online CoursesStrauß, Sebastian; Rummel, Nikol; Stoyanova, Filipa; Krämer, Nicole
2022Development of an Instrument to Assess the Quality of Collaboratively Constructed NotesTunnigkeit, Isis; vom Bovert, Leonie; Eberle, Julia; Strauß, Sebastian; Rummel, Nikol
2023Differential Effects of a Script and a Group Awareness Tool on the Acquisition of Collaboration SkillsStrauß, Sebastian; Tunnigkeit, Isis; Eberle, Julia; vom Bovert, Leonie; Avdullahu, Arlind; Schmittchen, Marcel; Rummel, Nikol
2023Integrating Perspectives to Promote Knowledge Integration: How Knowledge Integration, Learning Progressions and Instructional Science Can Complement Each OtherKubsch, Marcus; Strauß, Sebastian; Bernholt, Sascha
2022Learning to Build Bridges: Promoting Skills for Complex Collaboration Across Professional and Cultural BoundariesStrauß, Sebastian; Eberle, Julia; Tunnigkeit, Isis; vom Bovert, Leonie Fey; Schmittchen, Marcel; Avdullahu, Arlind; Rummel, Nikol; Witti, Matthias; Zottmann, Jan; Wershofen, Birgit; Fischer, Frank; Fischer, Martin R.; Ndubuisi, Anuli; Slotta, Jim; Marzi, Elham; Borge, Marcela; Aldemir, Tugce; Soto, José; Rosé, Carolyn Penstein
2021-06Problematic Interaction Patterns During Online-Collaboration. A Library and a SurveyStrauß, Sebastian; Rummel, Nikol
2023A Reality Check on Collaboration Skills: How Experiences During Interdisciplinary Collaboration Shape Collaboration Self-EfficacyEberle, Julia; Hobrecht, Joyce; Strauß, Sebastian; Tunnigkeit, Isis; vom Bovert, Leonie; Avdullahu, Arlind; Schmittchen, Marcel; Rummel, Nikol