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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06Cooperative Inquiry as a Community of PracticeRyan, Stephanie; Yip, Jason; Stieff, Mike; Druin, Allison
2022Creating Synergistic Scaffolding Between the Tools of Discourse and TechnologySnow, Melanie; Stieff, Mike; Spurgeon, Sidney
2020-06Designing for Spatial Thinking in STEM: Embodying Perspective Shifts Does Not Lead to Improvements in the Imagined OperationsDeSutter, Dane; Stieff, Mike
2018-07Drawing for Learning from Dynamic Visualizations in ScienceStieff, Mike; Scheiter, Katharina; Ainsworth, Shaaron; Bohrmann-Linde, Claudia; Schall, Max
2022Emphasizing the Role of Coordination Class Theory on the Study of Student Learning With RepresentationsSpurgeon, Sidney; Stieff, Mike
2008-06Expertise and Spatial Reasoning in Advanced Scientific Problem SolvingStieff, Mike; Raje, Sonali
2016-07Exploring the Value of Drawing in Learning and AssessmentAinsworth, Shaaron; Stieff, Mike; DeSutter, Dane; Tytler, Russell; Prain, Vaughan; Panagiotopoulos, Dimitrios; Wigmore, Peter; van Joolingen, Wouter; Heijnes, Dewi; Leenaars, Frank; Puntambekar, Sadhana
2011-06Fostering Representational Competence Through Argumentation with Multi-Representational DisplaysStieff, Mike
2024How Gesture Protects Against Failures in Spatial Problem-SolvingClingan-Siverly, Sam; Demir‐Lira, Ö Ece; Stieff, Mike; Lira, Matthew
2006-06Increasing Representational Fluency with Visualization ToolsStieff, Mike; McCombs, Michelle
2021-06Promoting Science Self-Concept with Inquiry-based CurriculaStieff, Mike; Werner, Stephanie M.
2014-06Representational Competence and Spatial Thinking in STEMStieff, Mike; Lira, Matthew; DeSutter, Dane
2020-06Rethinking Rater Effects When Using Teacher Observation ProtocolsChen, Ying; Yim, Rachel A.; Kogen, Richard; Stieff, Mike; Superfine, Alison Castro
2012-07The Role of Gesture in Solving Spatial Problems in STEMLira, Matthew; Stieff, Mike; Scopelitis, Stephanie
2010-06Students' Use of Multiple Strategies for Spatial Problem SolvingStieff, Mike; Ryu, Minjung; Dixon, Bonnie
2014-06Taking a New Perspective on Spatial Representations in STEMDeSutter, Dane; Stieff, Mike
2010-06Using Knowledge Space Theory to Analyze Concept MapsCathcart, Laura; Stieff, Mike; Marbach-Ad, Gili; Smith, Ann; Frauwirth, Kenneth
2012-07Weaving Together Parts to Achieve A Whole: Gestural Activity for the Coordination of Information in the Teaching and Learning of ChemistryScopelitis, Stephanie; Stieff, Mike