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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Adapting a Choice-based STEAM Learning Program to Remote Learning: Barriers, Competing Priorities, and Design ConsiderationsRamey, Kay E.; Stevens, Reed
2006-06At home with Mathematics: Meanings and Uses among FamiliesStevens, Reed; Mertl, Veronique; Levias, Sheldon; McCarthy, Laurie; Goldman, Shelley; Martin, Lee; Pea, Roy; Booker, Angela; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Nasir, Na'ilah Suad; Heimlich, Michael; Atukpawu, Grace; O'Connor, Kathleen
2020-06Best Practices for Facilitation in a Choice-based, Peer Learning Environment: Lessons From the FieldRamey, Kay; Stevens, Reed
2020-06Boundary Crossing as a Lens for Examining Scale in Collaborative Learning Sciences InnovationsWidman, Sari; Repko-Erwin, Melia; Penuel, William R.; Stevens, Reed
2004-06Comparing Conflicting Perspectives on a Diffused TechnologySatwicz, Tom; Stevens, Reed
2008-06‘Current is the one that’s mean’: The development of an engineering student’s trajectory of identificationJocuns, Andrew; Stevens, Reed
1997-12Divisions of Labor in Computer-Assisted Design: A Comparison of Cases from Work and SchoolStevens, Reed
2012-07Everyday Interactions and Activities: Field Studies of Early Learning Across SettingsStevens, Reed; Penney, Lauren; Keifert, Danielle; Davis, Pryce; Mehus, Siri; , RichLehrer
2023Expanding What Counts as Scientific Investigations in the Era of the Next Generation Science StandardsDavey, Bradley; Stevens, Reed
2018-07Exploring the Adoption, Spread, and Sustainability of an Informal STEAM Learning Innovation In SchoolsStevens, Reed; Ramey, Kay E; Meyerhoff, Peter; Hilppö, Jaakko; Kumpulainen, Kristiina; Kajamaa, Anu; Rajala, Antti; Halverson, Richard
2024Four Days to Independent Work: Studying how Professional Coffee Roasters Learn through Proximal ApprenticeshipDavey, Bradley; Stevens, Reed
2010-06From Show, To Room, To World: A Cross-Context Investigation of How Children Learn from Media ProgrammingDugan, Therese E.; Stevens, Reed; Mehus, Siri
2016-07FUSE: An Alternative Infrastructure for Empowering Learners in SchoolsStevens, Reed; Jona, Kemi; Penney, Lauren; Champion, Dionne; Ramey, Kay E.; Hilppö, Jaakko; Echevarria, Ruben; Penuel, William
2008-06Gender, institutional structure and learning in an engineering collegeGarrison, Lari; Stevens, Reed; Jocuns, Andrew
2019-06Girls as Experts, Helpers, Organizers, and Leaders: Designing for Equitable Access and Participation in CSCL EnvironmentsRamey, Kay; Stevens, Reed
2024How Activists did Heterogeneous Civic Data Science to Hold a Social Services Agency Accountable to the PublicNguyen, Vien; Stevens, Reed
2023How Off-Duty Data Scientists Did Math for Civic and Social GoodNguyen, Vien; Stevens, Reed
2020-06How One Implementation of an Educational Innovation DiedRamey, Kay; Stevens, Reed
2022How Young Children Pursue Their Interests With QuestionsNguyen, Vien; Stevens, Reed
2010-06Interactional Arrangements for Learning about Science in Early Childhood: A Case Study Across Preschool and Home ContextsMehus, Siri; Stevens, Reed; Grigholm, Linda