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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Acceptance and Refusal: Examining conflicting goals within co-designStamatis, Kristina
2020-06Across Research Practice Partnerships: Examining Two Projects to Develop Understandings of Infrastructure and EquityStamatis, Kristina; Lee, Ung-Sang
2018-07Authentic to Whom and What? The Role of Authenticity in Project-Based Learning in English Language ArtsPolman, Joseph L; Stamatis, Kristina; Boardman, Alison; Garcia, Antero
2022Becoming a STEM Teacher: Examining Teachers’ Practice-Linked Identities Through Practice-Based AutobiographiesStamatis, Kristina; Friend, Michelle; Jakopovic, Paula
2023Centering Critical Youth Research Methodologies of Praxis and Care in Post-Pandemic Times: From Respectful Relations and Dialogue Towards New ImaginariesRahm, Jrène; Polman, Joseph L.; Adams, Jennifer; Stamatis, Kristina; Hernandez, Jose Rogelio Manriquez; Luna, Tupak Barrios Palacios; Luna, Atzin Rene; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Harper, Akira; Bereavalez, Esmeralda; Achilova, Feyza; Richards, Giana; Ehret, Christian; Mannard, Emily; St. Victor, Karl A.; Rogers, Christian Degenais; Sprowls, Emily; Gonsalves, Allison
2022Disruptions, Dissent, and Discontinuities: What Tensions in Intergenerational Learning Dynamics Reveal About Learning DesignWidman, Sari; Hayden, Ronni; Stamatis, Kristina; Roque, Ricarose
2020-06Partnering for Equity: Examining Research Practice Partnerships as Part of Community ContextsLee, Ung-Sang; Stamatis, Kristina; Pacheco, Jennifer; Roque, Ricarose; Widman, Sari; Wingert, Kerri; Wegemer, Christopher; Huang, Joey
2022Restorying Toward Justice and Anti-Racism in ELA ClassroomsStamatis, Kristina
2022Viviendo Aquí: Designing for Transformative Agency Through Museum Exhibit Curation With Latinx YouthStamatis, Kristina; Polman, Joseph L.; Manriquez-Hernandez, Jose; Zinn, Emily