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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-06Collaborative learning through practices of group cognitionStahl, Gerry
2009-06A Comparative analysis of understanding practices in the VMT environmentKoschmann, Timothy; Stahl, Gerry
2015-07Constructing Knowledge: A Community of Practice Framework for Evaluation in the VMT ProjectKhoo, Michael; Stahl, Gerry
2002-01Contributions to a Theoretical Framework for CSCLStahl, Gerry
2013-06Demo of Collaborative Dynamic Mathematics in Virtual Math TeamsStahl, Gerry; Mantoan, Anthony; Weimar, Stephen
2006-06Designing an Online Service for a Math CommunityWessner, Martin; Shumar, Wesley; Stahl, Gerry; Sarmiento, Johann; Mühlpfordt, Martin; Weimar, Stephen
2013-06Designing for Group Math DiscourseMagee, Rachel M.; Mascaro, Christopher M.; Stahl, Gerry
2013-06Discovering Dependencies: A Case Study of Collaborative Dynamic MathematicsStahl, Gerry
2004-06Diversity in Virtual Math TeamsStahl, Gerry; Shumar, Wesley; Weimar, Stephen
2015-07Dragging as a Referential Resource for Mathematical Meaning Making in a Collaborative Dynamic-Geometry EnvironmentÇakır, Murat Perit; Stahl, Gerry
2008-06Extending the Joint Problem Space: Time and Sequences as Essential Features of Knowledge BuildingSarmiento-Klapper, Johann; Stahl, Gerry
2005-05Group Cognition: The Collaborative Locus of Agency in CSCLStahl, Gerry
2011-06How a Virtual Math Team Structured its Problem SolvingStahl, Gerry
2009-06I.2.10 Learning as a practical achievement: An interactional perspectiveZemel, Alan; Cakir, Murat; Zhou, Nan; Stahl, Gerry
2008-06Integrating synchronous and asynchronous support for group cognition in online collaborative learningStahl, Gerry
2009-06Interaction analysis of dual-interaction CSCL environmentsCakir, Murat Perit; Stahl, Gerry
2014-06Interaction Analysis of Student Teams Enacting the Practices of Collaborative Dynamic GeometryStahl, Gerry
2010-06Interactional Achievement of Shared Mathematical Understanding in a Virtual Math TeamCakir, Murat; Stahl, Gerry; Zemel, Alan
1995-10Internet Repositories for Collaborative Learning: Supporting both Students and TeachersStahl, Gerry; Sumner, Tamara; Repenning, Alexander
2007-07Meaning Making in CSCL: Conditions and Preconditions for Cognitive Processes by GroupsStahl, Gerry