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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023At-Home Engineering: Caregivers’ Support During Problem-SolvingPenney, Lauren; Paul, Kelli M.; Kim, Jungsun; Maltese, Adam V.; Simpson, Amber
2018-07"I'm Going to Fail": How Youth Interpret Failure Across Contextual BoundariesSimpson, Amber; Anderson, Alice; Maltese, Adam; Goeke, Megan
2022The Nature(s) of Embodied Mathematical FailureSimpson, Amber; Williams-Pierce, Caro; Shokeen, Ekta; Katirci, Nihal; Soto, Hortensia; Baker, Justin; DeLiema, David; Kapur, Manu; Ellis, Amy; Lockwood, Elise; Plaxco, David; Alibali, Martha W.; Ramirez, Dennis
2021-06Representational Fluency of Angle during an Educational Robotics TaskSimpson, Amber; Katirci, Nihal; Shokeen, Ekta; Fofang, Janet Shufor Bih Epse; Williams-Pierce, Caro
2020-06What Does Computer Science and Maker Education Look Like in 2030?Weintrop, David; Choi, Gi Woong; Maltese, Adam; Tissenbaum, Mike; Fofang, Janet Shufor Bih epse; Walton, Margaret; Walkoe, Janet; Scott, Jill; Jung, Yong Ju; Zimmerman, Heather Toomey; DeLiema, David; Dahn, Maggie; Kim, Soo Hyeon; Copeland, Andrea; Yang, Jing; Simpson, Amber; Knox, Peter; Kim, Jungsun; Chan, Monica; Holbert, Nathan; Flynn, Leslie; Kwon, Kyungbin; Ottenbreit-Leftwich, Anne; Brush, Thomas; Blikstein, Paulo
2020-06When Figured Worlds Fracture: A Collaborative Environment Splintered by a Non-Collaborative ToolSimpson, Amber; Williams-Pierce, Caro; Kastberg, Signe
2023Youth Embodied Communication and Collaboration in MakingShokeen, Ekta; Simpson, Amber; Katirci, Nihal; Williams-Pierce, Caro