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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-06Beyond transparency: How students make representations meaningfulLee, Victor; Sherin, Bruce
2012-07Building Bridges between Learning Analytics, Educational Data Mining and Core Learning Sciences PerspectivesBlikstein, Paulo; Worsley, Marcelo; Sherin, Bruce; Baker, Ryan; Berland, Matthew; Martin, Taylor; Roll, Ido; Aleven, Vincent; Koedinger, Ken; Hershkovitz, Arnon
2006-06Changing Conceptual Ecologies with Task-structured Science CurriculaKanter, David; Sherin, Bruce; Lee, Victor
2021-06Characterizing Student Theory Building in Computational ModelingSwanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2020-06Characterizing Student Theory Building in the Context of Block-Based Agent-Based Modeling MicroworldsSwanson, Hillary; Martin, Kit; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2019-06Computerized Text Analysis: Assessment and Research Potentials for Promoting LearningLee, Hee-Sun; McNamara, Danielle; Bracey, Zoë Buck; Liu, Ou Lydia; Gerard, Libby; Sherin, Bruce; Wilson, Chris; Pallant, Amy; Linn, Marcia; Haudek, Kevin C.; Osborne, Jonathan
2024Engaging Stakeholders in Deliberation for Organizational DesignWu, Morgan; Easterday, Matthew; Sherin, Bruce
2008-06How to study learning processes? Reflection on methods for fine-grain data analysisParnafes, Orit; Hammer, David; Louca, Loucas; Sherin, Bruce; Lee, Victor; Krakowski, Moshe; DiSessa, Andrea; Edelson, Daniel
2022Investigating Student Learning About Disease Spread and Prevention in the Context of Agent-Based Computational ModelingWu, Siyu; Swanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2024Knowledge in New Pieces (KiNP): Exploring Diverse Areas of Contemporary Youths’ Intuitive Technosocial KnowledgeRosenbaum, Leah F.; Morales-Navarro, Luis; Blikstein, Paulo; Oswald, Emily; Chao, Jie; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Jiang, Shiyan; Sherin, Bruce
2018-07Learning Analytics in Support of Qualitative AnalysisSherin, Bruce; Kersting, Nicole; Berland, Matthew
2010-06Mapping topological relationships between contextsBoxerman, Jonathan; Sherin, Bruce
2024Novel Technologies and Epistemic Considerations in Studying Knowledge-in-Use and in-TransitionLevin, Mariana; Swanson, Hillary; Disessa, Andrea A.; Leitch, Michael; Orrill, Chandra; Sherin, Bruce
2020-06Orchestrating for Seeing: How Teachers See and Help Others See Student Thinking When Self-Capturing Classroom VideoRichards, Jennifer; Altshuler, Mari; Sherin, Bruce; Sherin, Miriam
2021-06Refining Student Thinking through Computational ModelingSwanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2008-06Reframing Research on Intuitive Science KnowledgeRuss, Rosemary; Sherin, Bruce
2022Students’ Prior Knowledge of Disease Spread and PreventionWu, Siyu; Swanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2006-06“Theory in Pieces” – the Communal Development of a TheoryParnafes, Orit; diSessa, Andrea; Wagner, Joseph; Mestre, Jose; Thaden-Koch, Tom; Sherin, Bruce
2022Tuning Perceptions and Inferences to See a Graph in a New WaySwanson, Hillary; Sherin, Bruce; Wilensky, Uri
2010-06Using Digital Video to Investigate Teachers' In-the-Moment NoticingSherin, Bruce; Sherin, Miriam; Colestock, Adam; Russ, Rosemary; Luna, Melissa; Mulligan, Martha; Walkoe, Janet; Hall, Rogers