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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Blending HCD with Multicultural Education: Lessons Learned from Co-Designing an InterventionJames, Carrie Lynn; Shehab, Saadeddine
2021-06Developing Social Empathy through Human-Centered Design: The Iterative Journey of Designing an Instructional Booklet for Pre-Service TeachersJames, Carrie L.; Shehab, Saadeddine; Rost, Gail
2019-06Exploring Teaching and Course Assistants’ Interventions with Groups During Collaborative Problem-SolvingShehab, Saadeddine; Mercier, Emma
2020-06Exploring the Relationship Between the Types of Interactions and Progress on a Task during Collaborative Problem SolvingShehab, Saadeddine; Mercier, Emma
2018-07Matching Data-Driven Models of Group Interactions to Video Analysis of Collaborative Problem Solving on Tablet ComputersPaquette, Luc; Bosch, Nigel; Mercier, Emma; Jung, Jiyoon; Shehab, Saadeddine; Tong, Yurui
2015-07Researching and Designing for the Orchestration of Learning in the CSCL ClassroomMercier, Emma; Fong, Cresencia; Cober, Rebecca; Slotta, James D.; Forssell, Karin S.; Israel, Maya; Joyce-Gibbons, Andrew; Martinez-Maldonado, Roberto; Messina, Richard; Murray, Julia; Peebles, Ben; Moher, Tom; Shehab, Saadeddine; Rummel, Nikol
2021-06Towards Bringing Human-Centered Design to K-12 and Post-Secondary EducationShehab, Saadeddine; Tissenbaum, Mike; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Lewis, Daniel Rees; Easterday, Matthew; Carlson, Spencer; Royalty, Adam; Chen, Helen; Sheri, Sheppard; Goldman, Shelley; Kuo, Annie Camey; Lange, Kimiko; Mesinas, Melissa; Pozos, Rose K.; Toprani, Dhvani; AlQahtani, Mona; Xia, Yu; Borge, Marcela; Sawyer, Keith
2023Tracing a Path Toward Social Empathy: The Development of the Multicultural Awareness and Empathy Orientations ModelJames, Carrie L.; Laixely, Jadyn; Shehab, Saadeddine
2020-06Using the Gini Coefficient to Characterize the Distribution of Group Problem-Solving Processes in Collaborative TasksTucker, Taylor; Shehab, Saadeddine; Mercier, Emma
2019-06Visualizing Representations of Interaction States during CSCL .........Shehab, Saadeddine; Mercier, Emma