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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-06‘Co-Alienation' Mediated By Common Representations in Synchronous E-DiscussionsSchwarz, Baruch B.; Kolikant, Yifat Ben-David; Mishenkina, Maria
2007-07Computer Supported Moderation of E-Discussions: the ARGUNAUT ApproachDe Groot, Reuma; Drachman, Raul; Hever, Rakheli; Schwarz, Baruch B.; Hoppe, Ulrich; Harrer, Andreas; De Laat, Maarten; Wegerif, Rupert; McLaren, Bruce M.; Baurens, and Benoit
2013-06The Contagious Effect of Dialogism with New TechnologiesSlakmon, Benzi; Schwarz, Baruch B.
2023Emotion Recognition in Educational Written Dialogues on Civic and Social IssuesFirer, Efrat; Schwarz, Baruch B.
2009-06Human guidance of synchronous e-discussions: The effects of different moderation scripts on peer argumentationSchwarz, Baruch B.; Asterhan, Christa S.C.; Gil, Julia
2012-07Inevitable Breakdowns in Putting Argumentation into PracticeSchwarz, Baruch B.; Shahar, Nitza
2007-07Intuitive Moderation Styles and Beliefs of Teachers in CSCL-based ArgumentationGil, Julia; Schwarz, Baruch B.; Asterhan, and Christa S. C.
2009-06Relay race of practice: integrating technological tools into teaching and learning scenariosEisenmann, Tammy; Schwarz, Baruch B.; de Groot, Reuma
2005-05The Role of Floor Control and of Ontology in Argumentative Activities with Discussion-Based ToolsGlassner, Amnon; Schwarz, Baruch B.
2014-06Spatial Practices in CSCL DiscussionsSlakmon, Benzi; Schwarz, Baruch B.
2014-06When Friends Argue: Investigating Argumentative Learning Processes in FacebookTsovaltzi, Dimitra; Asterhan, Christa S. C.; Greenhow, Christine; Judele, Raluca; Puhl, Thomas; Hever, Rakheli; Gibbons, Thor; Menzer, Melissa; Schwarz, Baruch B.; Weinberger, Armin; Clark, Douglas B.