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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997-12Capitalizing on Multiple Perspectives to Build Knowledge CommunitiesBrophy, Sean P.; Bransford, John D.; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2014-06Combining Generation and Expository Instruction to Prepare Students to Transfer Big Ideas Across School TopicsGlogger, Inga; Schalk, Lennart; Mazziotti, Claudia; Hallinen, Nicole R.; Barth, Armin; Schumacher, Ralph; Gaus, Katharina; Renkl, Alexander; Loibl, Katharina; Rummel, Nikol; Chin, Doris B.; Blair, Kristen P.; Schwartz, Daniel L.; McEldoon, Katherine
2010-06Explaining across contrasting cases for deep understanding in science: An example using interactive simulationsChase, Catherine C.; Shemwell, Jonathan T.; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2018-07Eye Tracking Students’ Gazes on Feedback in a Digital Assessment GameCutumisu, Maria; Turgeon, Krystle-Lee; González, Lydia Marion; Saiyera, Tasbire; Chuong, Steven; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2006-06Is Neuroscience a Learning Science?Varma, Sashank; Schwartz, Daniel L.; McCandliss, Bruce
2024Measuring the Effects of Combining Field Trips with Classroom Instruction on Two Different Types of KnowledgeSaavedra, Ana; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2004-06Milo and J-Mole: Computers as Constructivist Teachable AgentsBlair, Kristen P.; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2007-07Redefining Learning Goals of Very Long-Term Learning Across Many Different Fields of ActivityMiyake, Naomi; Pea, Roy; Barron, Brigid; Schwartz, Daniel L.; Martin, Lee; Hall, Rogers; Wright, Ken; Wieckert, and Karen
2006-06The Role of People Knowledge in Learning Narrative and Domain ContentDavis, Joan; Lee, Tiffany; Vye, Nancy; Bransford, John; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2014-06Supporting Middle Schoolers’ Use of Inquiry Strategies For Discovering Multivariate Relations In Interactive Physics SimulationsConlin, Luke D.; Hallinen, Nicole R.; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2022Testing Simple Instructional Models to Promote the Spontaneous Transfer of Inquiry Strategies in New ContextsSaavedra, Ana; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2014-06Tug of War: What is it Good For? Measuring Student Inquiry Choices in an Online Science GameHallinen, Nicole R.; Cheng, Julius; Chi, Min; Schwartz, Daniel L.
2023Uncovering Factors That Generate Relatedness to Place and People During In-Person Field Trips (FTs) to Inform the Design of Virtual FTsSaavedra, Ana; Schwartz, Daniel L.; Chin, Doris