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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-073D Tangibles Facilitate Joint Visual Attention in DyadsSchneider, Bertrand; Sharma, Kshitij; Cuendet, Sébastien; Zufferey, Guillaume; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Pea, Roy D.
2021-06Augmented Reality in Collaborative Problem Solving: A Qualitative Study of Challenges and SolutionsHoppenstedt, Eduardo; Radu, Iulian; Joy, Tugce; Schneider, Bertrand
2020-06Augmenting Instructor Decision-Making with Data in MakerspacesChng, Edwin; Zeylikman, Sofya; Schneider, Bertrand
2018-07Augmenting Qualitative Analyses of Collaborative Learning Groups Through Multi-Modal SensingXie, Bin; Reilly, Joseph M; Dich, Yong Li; Schneider, Bertrand
2021-06Automated Tracking of Student Activities in a Makerspace Using Motion Sensor DataSung, Gahyun; Yoo, Tyler; Chng, Edwin; Yang, Stephanie; Schneider, Bertrand
2015-07Comparing the Benefits of a Tangible User Interface and Contrasting Cases as a Preparation for Future LearningSchneider, Bertrand; Blikstein, Paulo
2013-06Comparing “In the Wild” Studies with Laboratory Experiments: A Case of Educational Interactive TabletopsSchneider, Bertrand; Valdes, Consuelo; Temple, Kelsey; Shen, Chia; Shaer, Orit
2017-07CSCL and Eye-Tracking: Experiences, Opportunities and ChallengesSharma, Kshitij; Jermann, Patrick; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Prieto, Luis P.; D’Angelo, Sarah; Gergle, Darren; Schneider, Bertrand; Rau, Martina; Pardos, Zach; Rummel, Nikol
2016-07Detecting Collaborative Dynamics Using Mobile Eye-TrackersSchneider, Bertrand; Sharma, Kshitij; Cuendet, Sebastien; Zufferey, Guillaume; Dillenbourg, Pierre; Pea, Roy
2015-07Discovery Versus Direct Instruction: Learning Outcomes of Two Pedagogical Models Using Tangible InterfacesSchneider, Bertrand; Bumbacher, Engin; Blikstein, Paulo
2021-06From Novice to Instructor: Inspiring Educators to Facilitate Maker-Centered LearningYang, Stephanie; Chng, Edwin; Schneider, Bertrand
2019-06How Augmented Reality Affects Collaborative Learning of Physics: a Qualitative AnalysisUnahalekhaka, Apittha; Radu, Iulian; Schneider, Bertrand
2021-06How Real-Time Shared Gaze Visualizations Can Benefit Peer Teaching: A Qualitative StudyBryant, Tonya; Schneider, Bertrand
2019-06Impacts of Augmented Reality on Collaborative Physics Learning, Leadership, and Knowledge ImbalanceRadu, Iulian; Schneider, Bertrand
2017-07Making the Invisible Visible: A New Method for Capturing Student Development in MakerspacesDavis, Richard Lee; Schneider, Bertrand; Blikstein, Paulo
2009-06Physical space and division of labor around a tabletop tangible simulationJermann, Patrick; Zufferey, Guillaume; Schneider, Bertrand; Lucci, Aurélien; Lépine, Simon; Dillenbourg, Pierre
2020-06Providing Instructional Support for Makerspaces: Examining the Type and Diversity of Student Social InteractionsChng, Edwin; Seyam, Mohamed; Yao, William; Schneider, Bertrand
2019-06A Qualitative Analysis of Joint Visual Attention and Collaboration with High- and Low-Achieving Groups in Computer-Mediated LearningBryant, Tonya; Radu, Iulian; Schneider, Bertrand
2018-07Toward Using Multi-Modal Learning Analytics to Support and Measure Collaboration in Co-Located DyadsStarr, Emma L; Reilly, Joseph M; Schneider, Bertrand
2020-06Understanding Augmented Reality Tools in Maker SpacesVanderlee, Caroline; Radu, Iulian; Schneider, Bertrand