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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Advancing Learning Visualizations: Situated Action Networks as Scalable Representations of Learning in Social SettingsAndrade, Alejandro; Santo, Rafi
2023Designing Teacher Professional Development Using Conjecture Mapping to Support Teachers’ Computational Thinking Integration EffortsCaskurlu, Secil; Phelps, David; Santo, Rafi; Yadav, Aman
2018-07Networked by Design: Interventions for Teachers to Develop Social CapitalYoon, Susan; Anderson, Charles W; Baker-Doyle, Kira J; de Laat, Maarten; de los Santos, Elizabeth Xeng; Frank, Kenneth A.; Hopkins, Megan; Lin, Qinyun; Marshall, Stefanie Marshall; Miller, Katie A; Nijland, Femke; Penuel, Bill; Shirrell, Matthew; Santo, Rafi; Schreurs, Bieke; Spillane, James; van Amersfoort, Daniël; Whitfield, Latricia Chanel Whitfield
2018-07Projected Worlds: How Informal Digital Learning Organizations Conceptualize Organizing Youth FuturesSanto, Rafi; Sarmiento, Juan Pablo; Ahn, June
2023“These Two Worlds are Antithetical": Epistemic Tensions in Integrating Computational Thinking in K12 Humanities and ArtsSanto, Rafi; Hu, Anne Drew; Phelps, David; Caskurlu, Secil; Yadav, Aman
2018-07When is it safe enough? Considering Diversity and Equity When Brokering Pre-Professional Opportunities to Youth of ColorSanto, Rafi; Ching, Dixie; Levenson, Eda; White, Geneva; Cordero, Mikey; Peppler, Kylie A; Hoadley, Christoper
2020-06‘When is safe enough?’ Considering Diversity and Equity When Brokering Pre-Professional Learning Opportunities to Minoritized YouthSanto, Rafi; Ching, Dixie; Peppler, Kylie; Hoadley, Chris