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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Citizen Science in Schools: Supporting Implementation of Innovative Learning Environments Using Design-Centric Research-Practice PartnershipsBenichou, Maya; Atias, Osnat; Sagy, Ornit; Kali, Yael; Baram-Tsabari, Ayelet
2022Coalescing Knowledge Within Networks of Research Practice Partnerships: The Case of a School-Based Citizen Science NetworkAridor, Keren; Shaham, Ronit Dulev; Lavie-Alon, Nirit; Valin, Galit; Sagy, Ornit; Kali, Yael
2014-06Enculturation: Contemporary Use in the Learning Sciences from a Historical PerspectiveSagy, Ornit; Hod, Yotam
2020-06From a Network of Research-Practice Partnerships to a Multi-Expertise Learning and Design CommunityKali, Yael; Sagy, Ornit; Lavie-Alon, Nirit; Dolev, Ronit; Center, TCSS
2018-07Knowledge Integration in the Digital Age: Trajectories, Opportunities and Future DirectionsLinn, Marcia; Eylon, Bat-Sheva; Kidron, Adi; Gerard, Libby; Toutkoushian, Emily; Ryoo, Kihyun “Kelly”; Bedell, Kristin Dana Bedell; Swearingen, Amanda; Clark, Doug; Virk, Satyugjit; Barnes, Jackie; Adams, Deanne; Ben-Horin, Hava; Kali, Yael; Tal, Tali; Sagy, Ornit; Acosta, Alisa; Slotta, Jim; Matuk, Camillia; Hovey, Christopher M; Hurwich, Talia A; Sarmiento, Juan Pablo; Chiu, Jennifer; Bywater, Jim P; Hong, James; Osborne, Jonathan; Laurillard, Dianna
2016-07Learning the Learning Sciences: An Investigation of Newcomers’ Sociocultural IdeasHod, Yotam; Sagy, Ornit; ,
2017-07Whose Culture Is It? Modeling the Designs of Authentic Learning Environments and the Cultures They MediateHod, Yotam; Sagy, Ornit