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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Aide: A Conversational Agent Based on Inoculation Theory and Large Language Models to Empower Learners to Recognize DisinformationRusso, Renato; Blikstein, Paulo
2022Beyond Belief: Disinformation Strategies and Collective Knowledge Building Led by Jair Bolsonaro in BrazilRusso, Renato; Blikstein, Paulo
2023Beyond Disinformation: An Agent-Based Modeling and Curriculum for the Post-Truth WorldRusso, Renato; Blikstein, Paulo
2023Can AI Disrupt Disinformation? Assisting Learners in Identifying Fake News Through an AI-Powered Platform Informed by Inoculation TheoryHong, Eury; Schechter, Brett I.; de Sousa, Inara B. F.; Prasetyo, Mutiara S.; Russo, Renato; Blikstein, Paulo
2022Can Schools Fix the Gender Gap in STEM? A Comparative Study in the Global South About Gender Participation in Maker EducationRusso, Renato; Fuhrmann, Tamar; Goya, Akio; Blikstein, Paulo
2021-06Connecting with Computer Science: Two Case Studies of Restorying CS Identity with Electronic Textile QuiltsShaw, Mia S.; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Zhang, Yi; Ji, GaYeon; Russo, Renato; Aftab, Ammarah
2023Disinformation as an Emergent Phenomenon: An Agent-Based Modeling Curriculum to Address Fake NewsRusso, Renato; Lei, Yuruo; Blikstein, Paulo
2021-06Making Space for Gender Equity in Makerspaces98Russo, Renato; Goya, Walter Akio; Fernandez, Cassia; Macedo, Livia; Fuhrmann, Tamar; Blikstein, Paulo
2024Mapping Disinformation: Agent-Based Modelling Instruction for Cognitive and Systemic Dimensions of Media EcosystemsRusso, Renato; Hong, Eury; Wei, Zhanlan; Lei, Yuruo; Blikstein, Paulo
2024“We were learning from each other:” Nuancing Learner-AI Relationships in Assessing Rhetorical Features of DisinformationRusso, Renato; Schechter, Brett; Blikstein, Paulo