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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Bridging Practice and Research: Connecting Teaching and the Learning SciencesFusco, Judi; Ruiz, Pati; Roschelle, Jeremy
2022Building an Interdisciplinary Community of Emerging Scholars Amid the COVID-19 PandemicDragnić-Cindrić, Dalila; Fusco, Judi; Roschelle, Jeremy
2006-06Co-design of Innovations with Teachers: Definition and DynamicsRoschelle, Jeremy; Penuel, William; Shechtman, Nicole
2008-06Cognitive Complexity in Mathematics Teaching and Learning: Emerging Findings in a Large-Scale ExperimentRoschelle, Jeremy; Shechtman, Nicole; Hegedus, Stephen; Pierson, Jessica; McLeese, Michelle; Tatar, Deborah
2011-06CSCL and Innovation: In Classrooms, With Teachers, Among School Leaders, In Schools of EducationRoschelle, Jeremy; Patton, Charlie; Schank, Patricia; Penuel, William; Looi, Chee-Kit; Chen, Wenli; Chan, Anwar; Prieto, Luis; Villagra-Sobrino, Sara; Dimitriadis, Yannis
2012-07Dynabook: Supporting Teacher Learning about Mathematical ThinkingRoschelle, Jeremy; Patton, Charles; Murray, Elizabeth
2013-06Dynalabs for Teachers to Collaborate on Pedagogical StrategiesRoschelle, Jeremy; Patton, Charles; Brecht, John; Bowers, Janet; Courey, Sue; Murray, Elizabeth
2013-06Dynalogue: Teacher Candidates Collaborating to Learn and Teach Proportional ReasoningSiker, Jody; Bowers, Janet; Roschelle, Jeremy; Courey, Susan J.
2010-06Equity in Scaling Up SimCalc: Investigating Differences in Student Learning and Classroom ImplementationRoschelle, Jeremy; Pierson, Jessica; Empson, Susan; Shechtman, Nicole; Dunn, Margie; Tatar, Deborah
2009-06From handheld collaborative tool to effective classroom module: Embedding CSCL in a broader design frameworkRoschelle, Jeremy; Rafanan, Ken; Estrella, Gucci; Nussbaum, Miguel; Claro, Susana
2007-07From Socially-mediated to Technology-mediated Coordination: A Study of Design Tensions Using Group ScribblesDimitriadis, Yannis; Asensio-Pérez, Juan Ignacio; Hernandez-Leo, Davinia; Roschelle, Jeremy; Brecha, John; Tatar, Deborah; Chaudhury, Raj; DiGiano, Chris; Patton, and Charles
2011-06Is CSCL the missing link between education and the 21st century economy?Roschelle, Jeremy; Patton, Charles; Toyama, Yukie
2010-06Large Scale Analysis of Student Workbooks: What Can We Learn About Learning?Shechtman, Nicole; Roschelle, Jeremy
2004-06Leveraging Handhelds to Increase Student Learning: Engaging Middle School Students with the Mathematics of ChangeVahey, Philip; Tatar, Deborah; Roschelle, Jeremy
2006-06Making a Difference with Attention to Content, Technology, and Scale: A Session Honoring the Memory of Jim KaputHegedus, Stephen; Lesh, Richard; Roschelle, Jeremy
2008-06Measuring Mathematics Discourse in Technology-Supported Collaborative ActivitiesRafanan, Ken; Roschelle, Jeremy; Bhanot, Ruchi; Gorges, Torie; Penuel, William
2004-06Meeting Teachers in the Middle: Designing Handheld Software to Improve Student QuestioningPenuel, William R.; Yarnall, Louise; Koch, Melissa; Roschelle, Jeremy
2019Primer: Remote LabsRoschelle, Jeremy; Jona, Kemi; Schank, Patricia
2020-06Scaling Just Like Experts Do: Results of an Expert Interview StudyMazziotti, Claudia; Doenmez, Rüya; Roschelle, Jeremy
2021-06Seeing Learning Sciences Research as ModelingRoschelle, Jeremy