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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-06Combining Generation and Expository Instruction to Prepare Students to Transfer Big Ideas Across School TopicsGlogger, Inga; Schalk, Lennart; Mazziotti, Claudia; Hallinen, Nicole R.; Barth, Armin; Schumacher, Ralph; Gaus, Katharina; Renkl, Alexander; Loibl, Katharina; Rummel, Nikol; Chin, Doris B.; Blair, Kristen P.; Schwartz, Daniel L.; McEldoon, Katherine
2008-06Help design in a computer-based learning environment - teaching argumentation skills through the use of double-content-examplesSchworm, Silke; Bradler, Pia; Renkl, Alexander
2006-06How Can We Use Concept Maps for Prior Knowledge Activation - Different Mapping-tasks Lead to Different Cognitive ProcessesGurlitt, Johannes; Renkl, Alexander; Motes, Michael A.; Hauser, Sabine
2006-06Making a Difference - Exploiting the Full Potential of Instructionally Designed On-Screen VideosErtelt, Anna; Renkl, Alexander; Spada, Hans
2010-06Pictorial illustrations in intelligent tutoring systems: Do they distract or elicit interest and engagement?Magner, Ulrike; Schwonke, Rolf; Renkl, Alexander; Aleven, Vincent; Popescu, Octav
2008-06Short-Term versus Long-Term Effects of Cognitive and Metacognitive Prompts in Writing-to-LearnNückles, Matthias; Hübner, Sandra; Renkl, Alexander
2006-06Supporting Concept Mapping for Learning from TextHauser, Sabine; Nueckles, Matthias; Renkl, Alexander
2008-06Worked Examples and Tutored Problem Solving: Redundant or Synergistic Forms of Support?Salden, Ron; Aleven, Vincent; Schwonke, Rolf; Renkl, Alexander