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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Community-Based Design Partnerships: Examples from a New Generation of CHAT/DBRMelendez, Jose W.; Radinsky, Josh; Vossoughi, Shirin; Marin, Ananda Maria; Bang, Megan; Nolan, Charlene Montano; Phillips, Nathan C; Lund, Virginia Killian; Gonzales, Wendy; Allen, Shawndra; Bild, David; Bruton, Ilana; Carmichae, Jaclyn; Martell, Emma; Schmidt, Ani; Jurow, A. Susan; Hall, Rogers
2021-06Datafication in Figured Worlds: Narrating COVID-19 DataRadinsky, Josh; Tabak, Iris; Adach, Aleksandra
2004-06Developing Historical Thinking Practices through Technology-Supported InquiryPolman, Joseph L.; Westhoff, Laura; O'Neill, D. Kevin; Sohbat, Elahe; Asgari, Mahboubeh; Shin, Namsoo; McGee, Steven; Radinsky, Josh; Bell, Philip
2019-06Disciplinary Task Models for Designing Classroom Orchestration: The Case of Data Visualization for Historical InquiryRadinsky, Josh; Tabak, Iris; Moore, Monika
2018-07Life-long Life-wide Learning within and Beyond the DisciplinesHerrenkohl, Leslie Rupert; Lund, Kristine S.; Polman, Joseph L; Radinsky, Josh; Suthers, Dan; Tabak, Iris; Kidron, Adi
1997-12The Progress Portfolio: Promoting Reflective Inquiry in Complex Investigation EnvironmentsLoh, Ben; Radinsky, Josh; Reiser, Brian J.; Gomez, Louis M.; Edelson, Daniel C.; Russell, Eric
2008-06Students’ sense-making with visual data in small-group argumentationRadinsky, Josh; Goldman, Susan; Singer, Melissa
2013-06That's Me and That's You: Museum Visitors' Perspective-Taking Around an Embodied Interaction Data Map DisplayRoberts, Jessica; Cafaro, Francesco; Kang, Raymond; Vogt, Kristen; Lyons, Leilah; Radinsky, Josh
2010-06Understanding a future with multiple pasts - Projects on metahistorical understandingO'Neill, D. Kevin; Kolikant, Yifat Ben-David; Polman, Joseph; Radinsky, Josh