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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2024Broadening Participation in STEM-based Computational Modeling by Leveraging Alternatives to ProgrammingMcElhaney, Kevin W.; Basu, Satabdi; Alozie, Nonye; Hutchins, Nicole; Rachmatullah, Arif; Mills, Kelly; Biswas, Gautam
2024A Comparison of Computational Practices and Student Challenges Across Three Types of Computational Modeling Activities Integrating Science and EngineeringBasu, Satabdi; Rachmatullah, Arif; McElhaney, Kevin; Alozie, Nonye; Yang, Hui; Hutchins, Nicole; Biswas, Gautam; Mills, Kelly
2022Design Considerations for a Middle School Computer Science Pedagogical Content Knowledge InstrumentBasu, Satabdi; Rutstein, Daisy; Tate, Carol; Rachmatullah, Arif; Yang, Hui
2023Exploring Middle School Students’ Understanding of Algorithms Using Standards-Aligned Formative Assessments: Teacher and Researcher PerspectivesBasu, Satabdi; Rutstein, Daisy; Tate, Carol; Rachmatullah, Arif; Yang, Hui; Ortiz, Christopher
2024Exploring the Nexus of Gaming Frequency, CS Interest and Self-Efficacy: Preliminary Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial of Scalable Game Design’s Impact in Elementary SchoolsRachmatullah, Arif; Tate, Carol; Beesley, Andrea; Kumbroch, Hannah; Webb, David; Chaffin, Carla
2022Exploring the Process of Group-Based Collaboration: A Validation Argument for a Collaboration Model and Observation Rubric for Training Explainable Machine Learning ModelsAlozie, Nonye M.; Wingard, Audra; Fried, Ron; Lopez-Prado, Bladimir; Rachmatullah, Arif; Som, Anirudh; Hsiao, Mindy; Yang, Hui; Kim, Sujeong
2022Investigating the Relationship Among Solution Quality, Group Variability in Science Confidence, and Reciprocal Participation in Online Science Collaborative Problem-Solving TasksRachmatullah, Arif; Alozie, Nonye M.; Hsiao, Mindy; Yang, Hui; Som, Anirudh
2024Middle School CS Teachers’ Perceptions of Standards-focused PDBasu, Satabdi; Rachmatullah, Arif; Tate, Carol; Rutstein, Daisy; Yang, Hui
2022Promoting Computational Thinking Through Science-Engineering Integration Using Computational ModelingBasu, Satabdi; McElhaney, Kevin W.; Rachmatullah, Arif; Hutchins, Nicole M.; Biswas, Gautam; Chiu, Jennifer
2023Toward A More Comprehensive Definition of Collaboration: Scholarly Literature vs. PractitionersAlozie, Nonye; Yang, Hui; Rachmatullah, Arif; Lopez-Prado, Bladimir
2024Using an Evidence-Centered Design Approach to Examine the Alignment of Computer Science Curricula with StandardsRutstein, Daisy; Basu, Satabdi; Yang, Hui; Rachmatullah, Arif; Tate, Carol; McGee, Steven
2022Validating a Code-Free Computational Thinking Assessment for Elementary School Students: Preliminary ResultsRachmatullah, Arif; Tate, Carol; Beesley, Andrea; Levin-Guracar, Elise