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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Comparing Cognitive and Situated Assessments of Learning in Middle School Computer ScienceProctor, Chris; Zheng, Yipu; Blikstein, Paulo
2023Computation Within and Beyond Disciplinary Communities: Learnings From K-12 In-School-Time StudiesJackson, David W.; Zhang, Helen; Anderson, Emma; Barnett, Mike; Chao, Jie; Connor, Charles; Lee, Hee-Sun; Lee, Irene; Lore, Christopher; Perret, Beatriz; Pallant, Amy; Phatak, Jaai; Proctor, Chris; Shah, Ahmad; Wagh, Aditi; Grover, Shuchi
2023“Growing as a Person”: Authoring Identity Across Formal CS Education and Everyday Computing ContextsWolf, Jacob; Han, Jenny; Proctor, Chris; Brown, Emma; Pang, Jonathan; Blikstein, Paulo
2018-07How Broad is Computational Thinking? A Longitudinal Study of Practices Shaping Learning in Computer ScienceProctor, Chris; Blikstein, Paulo
2022Joint Visual Attention and Collaboration in MinecraftProctor, Chris; Muller, Dalia Antonia Caraballo
2019-06Measuring the Computational in Computational Participation: Debugging Interactive Stories in Middle School Computer ScienceProctor, Chris
2018-07Solder and Wire or Needle and Thread: Examining the Effects of Electronic Textile Construction Kits on Girls' Attitudes Towards Computing and ArtsDavis, Richard Lee; Proctor, Chris; Friend, Michelle; Blikstein, Paulo
2024Towards a Longitudinal, Qualitative Study of Computational Identity in K-12 Computer Science EducationWolf, Jacob; Proctor, Chris; Blikstein, Paulo
2024What Does it Mean to be Literate in the Time of AI? Different Perspectives on Learning and Teaching AI Literacies in K-12 EducationKafai, Yasmin B.; Proctor, Chris; Cai, Shuang; Castro, Francisco; Delaney, Victoria; DesPortes, Kayla; Hoadley, Christopher; Lee, Victor R.; Long, Duri; Magerko, Brian; Roberts, Jessica; Shapiro, Benjamin R.; Tseng, Tiffany; Zhong, Vera; Rosé, Carolyn P.