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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06Before the Storm: How Families were Supported for the Transition to Distance LearningPozos, Rose K.; Martin, Caitlin K.; Barron, Brigid; Lam, Cindy K.; Nguyen, Judy; Lin, Veronica; Levy, Zohar; Garcia, Susie
2022“Do We Have to Do This Every Time New Germs Come Out?” and Other Questions From Children About Covid-19Pozos, Rose K.
2021-06Family Resilience during Covid-19: Contrasting Cases of Mothers’ Beliefs and Behaviors to Support Child Well-beingNguyen, Judy; Barron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin K.; Lam, Cindy K.; Pozos, Rose K.; Lin, Veronica; Levy, Zohar; Garcia, Susie
2022Insights About Helpful Covid-19 Learning Resources From Caregivers of Elementary School ChildrenPozos, Rose K.
2021-06New Views, New Roles: How Parents Supported Learning during the Transition to Remote LearningBarron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin K.; Lin, Veronica; Lam, Cindy K.; Pozos, Rose K.; Ngyuen, Judy; Garcia, Susie; Levy, Zohar
2021-06Towards Bringing Human-Centered Design to K-12 and Post-Secondary EducationShehab, Saadeddine; Tissenbaum, Mike; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Lewis, Daniel Rees; Easterday, Matthew; Carlson, Spencer; Royalty, Adam; Chen, Helen; Sheri, Sheppard; Goldman, Shelley; Kuo, Annie Camey; Lange, Kimiko; Mesinas, Melissa; Pozos, Rose K.; Toprani, Dhvani; AlQahtani, Mona; Xia, Yu; Borge, Marcela; Sawyer, Keith
2022Zoom School Diaries: Caregiver Insights From Listening in on Synchronous InstructionPozos, Rose K.; Barron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin K.; Ball, April; Troy, Flora