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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Centering Critical Youth Research Methodologies of Praxis and Care in Post-Pandemic Times: From Respectful Relations and Dialogue Towards New ImaginariesRahm, Jrène; Polman, Joseph L.; Adams, Jennifer; Stamatis, Kristina; Hernandez, Jose Rogelio Manriquez; Luna, Tupak Barrios Palacios; Luna, Atzin Rene; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Harper, Akira; Bereavalez, Esmeralda; Achilova, Feyza; Richards, Giana; Ehret, Christian; Mannard, Emily; St. Victor, Karl A.; Rogers, Christian Degenais; Sprowls, Emily; Gonsalves, Allison
2022Cultivating Critical, Justice-Oriented Data Literacies in a Post-Truth WorldPolman, Joseph L.; Tabak, Iris; Tran, Trang C.; Amato, Anna; Silander, Megan; Matuk, Camillia; Beale, Jill; DesPortes, Kayla; Orfanos, Marilena; Tes, Marian; Vacca, Ralph; Woods, Peter J.; Pimentel, Daniel R.; Reigh, Emily; Lee, Victor R.; Brown, Bryan A.; Dubovi, Ilana; Radinsky, Josh; Greenberg, Day; Barton, Angela Calabrese; Herrenkohl, Leslie; Kyza, Eleni A.; Varda, Christiana; Rubin, Andee; Mann, Michelle; Sommer, Stephen; Graville, Cynthia; Yoon, Susan A.; Chinn, Clark A.; Cottone, Amanda M.; Richman, Thomas; Noushad, Noora; Hussain-Abidi, Huma; Wei, Xinyu; McBride, Cherise; Bakal, Michael; Roberto, Collette; Bhargava, Puneet; Wilkerson, Michelle; Philip, Thomas
2023Designing to Disrupt While Encountering Disruption: Engaging With the Unexpected in Educational Research and PracticeStamatis, Kristina M.; Clarke, Sherice N.; Polman, Joseph L.; Gates, Zaynab; Lee, Ung-Sang; Van, Marcus; Nagashima, Tomohiro; Yadav, Gautam; Aleven, Vincent; Oswald, Emily; Esborg, Line; Pierroux, Palmyre; Riedy, Robbin; Farrell, Caitlin; Penuel, William R.; Resnick, Alison; Singleton, Corinne; S, Sushil; Sommer, Stephen; Tran, Trang C.; Palomar, Marlene; Mckoy, Ashieda; Ortega, Brenda Aguirre; Palomar, Fabiola; Tran, Trang B.; Widman, Sari; Chan, Jenny Yun-Chen; Closser, Avery H.; Ngo, Vy; Smith, Hannah; Liu, Allison S.; Ottmar, Erin R.; Yu, Junnan
2004-06Developing Historical Thinking Practices through Technology-Supported InquiryPolman, Joseph L.; Westhoff, Laura; O'Neill, D. Kevin; Sohbat, Elahe; Asgari, Mahboubeh; Shin, Namsoo; McGee, Steven; Radinsky, Josh; Bell, Philip
2014-06Learning and Becoming Through Art-Making: Relationships among tools, phenomena, people, and communities in shaping youth identity developmentEnyedy, Noel; Polman, Joseph L.; Graville-Smith, Cynthia; Bang, Megan; Warren, Beth; Rosebery, Ann; Burke, Jeff; Wagmister, Fabian; Bolling, Amy; Fitz-Gibbon, Taylor; Halverson, Erica Rosenfeld; Nasir, Na'ilah Suad
2022Learning Science While Caring for Pets: Findings From a Virtual Workshop for TeensParekh, Priyanka; Polman, Joseph L.; Kane, Shaun K.; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2023Middle Schoolers’ Trajectories of Identification and Wayfaring Through a Pet Science WorkshopParekh, Priyanka; Polman, Joseph L.; Kane, Shaun; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2022Organizing Outreach for Cultural Transformation: The Design of a STEM Education Learning PathwayTran, Trang C.; Polman, Joseph L.; Knight, Daniel
2021-06People, Places, and Pets: Situating STEM Education in Youths’ Homes with their PetsKelly, Annie; Johnson, Gabriella M.; Polman, Joseph L.; Kane, Shaun K.; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2023The Role of Positioning in the Ecological Learning of Human Youth Making for Pet CompanionsParekh, Priyanka; Polman, Joseph L.; Kane, Shaun; Shapiro, R. Benjamin
2014-06Teacher Facilitation of Whole-Class Discussion in Secondary History ClassroomsReisman, Avishag; Shane-Sagiv, Chava; Barker, Lisa M.; Fogo, Bradley; Polman, Joseph L.
2006-06True Stories, Storied Truth: Stitching Narrative and Logico-scientific Discourse Together in an Age of "Spin"Polman, Joseph L.
2022Viviendo Aquí: Designing for Transformative Agency Through Museum Exhibit Curation With Latinx YouthStamatis, Kristina; Polman, Joseph L.; Manriquez-Hernandez, Jose; Zinn, Emily