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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Analytical Designs: Goodwin’s Substrates as a Tool for Studying LearningKeifert, Danielle; Hall, Rogers; Enyedy, Noel; Vogelstein, Lauren; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ehrenfeld, Nadav; Marshall, Samantha; McGugan, Katherine Schneeberger; Marin, Ananda; Faulstich, Elisa Noemí Orellana; Bordeaux, Clementine; Clark, Heather; Gravell, Jamie; Lindberg, Lindsay; Morales, Denise; Rodriguez, Lilia; Eyes, Renee White; Flood, Virginia J.; Sharma, Geetanshi; DeLiema, David; Valerie, Jesslyn; Cabrera, Alexis; Smith, Sophie; Xiao, Sihan; Xiao, Chi; Wang, Xuehui; Garner, Brette; Smith, Michael Sean; Harrer, Benedikt; Clark, Douglas
2023Cultivating Generative Emotion in Science ClassroomsPierson, Ashlyn; Brady, Corey E.; Lee, Sarah J.; Shuler, Deborah
2022Designing Courses as Sustainable Learning Communities: A STEM Teacher Candidate Course Extending Into K-12 TeachingEvans, Marvin; Pierson, Ashlyn; Xu, Menglin
2021-06Elementary Science Teachers’ Use of Representations to Build Shared Understanding from Students’ Diverse Ideas and PracticesPierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Lee, Sarah; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Enyedy, Noel
2021-06Expansive Modeling: Broadening the scope of modeling in K-12 educationWagh, Aditi; Dickes, Amanda; Lam-Herrera, Marilu; Sengupta, Pratim; Reimers, Jackson; Vogelstein, Lauren; Brady, Corey; Steinberg, Rebecca; Thomas, Curtis; Pierson, Ashlyn; Farris, Amy Voss; Wolkenhauer, Rachel; Lloyd, Gwendolyn; Murphy, P. Karen; DeLiema, David; Enyedy, Noel; Danish, Joshua; Steen, Francis; Fridman, Chani; Levy, Sharona T.; Hel-Or, Hagit; Bang, Megan
2020-06Hybrid Modeling in 6th Grade STEM: Seeds of Convergence ResearchPierson, Ashlyn; Brady, Corey; Clark, Douglas; Sengupta, Pratim
2020-06Modeling in Languages, Languages of Modeling: Integrating Science Practices and Translanguaging PracticesPierson, Ashlyn; Clark, Douglas; Brady, Corey
2022Navigating Making Space: Attending to Multiple Learning Pathways in Science LearningBell, Adam; Lee, Sarah; Haverly, Christa; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Johnson, Heather; Salgado, Michelle; Shim, Soo-Yean; Krist, Christina; Nation, Jasmine; Kang, Hosun
2022The Power of Gestures: Video Club to Support Teacher Awareness of Gestures as a Form of Multimodal Science InstructionBlue, Laura; Pierson, Ashlyn
2022Science Teachers’ Ideological Shifts About Multilingual LearnersDaniel, Bethany; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Lee, Sarah; Askew, Rachel
2022Silly or Substantive?: How Video Club Can Help Science Teacher Candidates See Strengths in Students’ ContributionsBlue, Laura; Pierson, Ashlyn
2023Sustaining Participation in an Elementary Science PD CommunityDaniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah; Askew, Rachel; Bell, Adam; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ziegler, Hannah; Keifert, D. Teo
2022The Tensions of Making Space: How Teachers Work Toward Heterogeneous Science Sense-MakingLee, Sarah J.; Bell, Adam; Keifert, Danielle; Johnson, Heather J.; Pierson, Ashlyn; Henrie, Andrea; Askew, Rachel
2023Theorizing and Designing Relational Possibilities in Teaching and LearningKeifert, D. Teo; Pierson, Ashlyn; Jeong, Sophia; De Lucca, Natalie; Watkins, Jessica; Bell, Adam; Daniel, Bethany; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Scipio, Déana; Bell, Philip