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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Computational Thinking Into K-12 Classrooms: Experiences and Challenges From Professional Learning ExperiencesLiu, Zhichun; Gearty, Zarina; Richard, Eleanor; Orrill, Chandra; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
2024Computational Thinking: A Tale of DebuggingAsif, Ali D.; Malik, Hamza; Orrill, Chandra; Witzig, Stephen B.; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad; Kayumova, Shakhnoza
2024Computational Thinking: Teachers’ Practice of AbstractionAsif, Ali D.; Malik, Hamza; Orrill, Chandra; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad; Kayumova, Shakhnoza
2023Designing Professional Learning Workshop for Shaping Teachers’ Learning Pedagogical Content Knowledge in Computational ThinkingZhao, Yuntong; Liu, Zhichun; Orrill, Chandra; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
2024Mapping the Complexities of Teacher Change: A Conjecture Mapping Approach to Designing Computational Thinking Professional DevelopmentLiu, Zhichun; Liu, Ruohan; Orrill, Chandra; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
2008-06Mathematics Teachers’ Abilities to Use and Make Sense of Drawn RepresentationsOrrill, Chandra; Sexton, Susan; Lee, Soo-Jin; Gerde, Cheryl
2024Novel Technologies and Epistemic Considerations in Studying Knowledge-in-Use and in-TransitionLevin, Mariana; Swanson, Hillary; Disessa, Andrea A.; Leitch, Michael; Orrill, Chandra; Sherin, Bruce
2024One-on-One Coaching to Support Connection Making: Moving Professional Learning to PracticeOrrill, Chandra; Gearty, Zarina; Brown, Rachael Eriksen; Kayumova, Shakhnoza; Balasubramanian, Ramprasad
2008-06Questioning Teacher Goals in Professional Development: Do Goals Really Make a Difference?Orrill, Chandra; Geisler, Sandra; Brown, Rachael; Brunaud-Vega, Victor
2010-06Teachers' Understanding of Partitioning When Modeling Fraction ArithmeticOrrill, Chandra; Izsak, Andrew; Jacobson, Erik; de Araujo, Zandra
2024Where Is the Referent Unit When Teachers Attending Fraction Multiplication Problems?Wang, Kun; Orrill, Chandra; Brown, Rachael Eriksen