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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Accessible Computational Thinking in Elementary ScienceBernier, Jeremy; Figueroa, Francheska; Ha, Jesse; Mak, Janice; Su, Man; Yan, Lin; Nelson, Brian; Cabrera, Lautaro; Kramarczuk, Kristina; Xin, Yue; Ketelhut, Diane Jass; Shockley, Ebony Terrell
2023An Analysis of the Design and Pedagogy of DragonBox AlgebraBernier, Jeremy; Su, Man; Yan, Lin; Nelson, Brian
2004-06Design-based Research Strategies for Studying Situated Learning and Knowledge Transfer in a Multi-user Virtual EnvironmentDede, Chris; Nelson, Brian; Ketelhut, Diane Jass; Clarke, Jody; Bowman, Cassie
2007-07Exploring Embedded Guidance and Self-efficacy in Educational Multi-user Virtual EnvironmentsNelson, Brian; Ketelhut, and Diane
2021-06GuARdians of Tomorrow: A Compelling Simulation for Understanding SustainabilityCortés, Luis E. Pérez; Ha, Jesse; Su, Man; Nelson, Brian
2008-06Rethinking Pedagogy: Using Multi-User Virtual Environments to Foster Authentic Science LearningKetelhut, Diane Jass; Clarke, Jody; Nelson, Brian; Dukas, Geordie
2010-06Reviving Dewey's Reflective Thinking Framework for the Design of Problems in Virtual Learning Environment based Assessments of Content and InquiryMajerich, David; Ketelhut, Diane J.; Nelson, Brian; Schifter, Catherine; Kim, Younsu
2023Two Changing Minds: A Journey to Culturally Responsive and Computational Thinking Infused Science TeachingXin, Yue; Su, Man; Mak, Janice; Kramarczuk, Kristina; Ketelhut, Diane Jass; Nelson, Brian