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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Bridging Research and Practice to Implement Change in Teaching and Learning at ScaleEdelson, Daniel C.; Reiser, Brian J.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Affolter, Renee; Krumm, Andrew E.; Penuel, William R.
2024Customization of Curriculum Materials as a Site for Identifying and Taking Action on Shared Problems of PracticeMcNeill, Katherine L.; Lee, Samuel; Zhang, Yang; Moore, Austin; Buell, Jason; Reiser, Brian J.; Affolter, Renee; Fine, Caitlin; Vera, Maria Moreno
2014-06Intersections of Science Learning and Language Development within Scientific Argumentation: Implications for English Language LearnersGonzález-Howard, Maria; McNeill, Katherine L.
2014-06Multimedia Educative Curriculum Materials: Designing Digital Supports for Learning to Teach Scientific ArgumentationLoper, Suzanna; McNeill, Katherine L.; Peck, Raphaela; Price, Jeremy; Barber, Jacqueline
2004-06Teacher Practices that Support Students’ Construction of Scientific Explanations in Middle School ClassroomsLizotte, David J.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Krajcik, Joseph
2018-07Unpacking Dimensions of Evidentiary Knowledge and Reasoning in the Teaching and Learning of ScienceSamarapungavan, Ala; Clase, Kari; Pelaez, Nancy; Gardner, Stephanie; Misra, Chandrani; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Chinn, Clark; Barzilai, Sarit; Berland, Leema K.; McNeill, Katherine L.; Manz, Eve; Wylie, Alison; Sandoval, William A.
2020-06Using the Student Hat to Push on Multiple Goals in Teacher Professional LearningLowell, Benjamin R.; McNeill, Katherine L.