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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-07Dialogism: A Framework for CSCL and a Signature of CollaborationDascalu, Mihai; Trausan-Matu, Stefan; Dessus, Philippe; McNamara, Danielle S.
2014-06Making the Most Out of It: Maximizing Learners’ Benefits from Expert, Peer and Automated Feedback across DomainsWichmann, Astrid; McNamara, Danielle S.; Bolzer, Markus; Strijbos, Jan-Willem; Fischer, Frank; Leiba, Moshe; Funk, Alexandra; Rummel, Nikol; Ronen, Michaela; Peters, Olaf; Narciss, Susanne; Körndle, Hermann; Roscoe, Rod D.; Varner, Laura K.; Snow, Erica L.; Quintana, Chris
2021-06Pedagogical Communication Language in Video Lectures: Empirical Findings from Algebra NationShin, Jinnie; Balyan, Renu; Banawan, Michelle; Leite, Walter L.; McNamara, Danielle S.
2017-07Predicting Success in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Using Cohesion Network AnalysisCrossley, Scott; Dascalu, Mihai; McNamara, Danielle S.; Baker, Ryan; Trausan-Matu, Stefan
2021-06Quantified Qualitative Analysis: Rubric Development and Inter-rater Reliability as Iterative DesignMcCarthy, Kathryn S.; Magliano, Joseph P.; Snyder, Jacob O.; Kenney, Elizabeth A.; Newton, Natalie N.; Perret, Cecile A.; Knezevic, Melanie; Allen, Laura K.; McNamara, Danielle S.
2004-06Self-explaining Science Texts: Strategies, Knowledge and Reading SkillBest, Rachel; Ozuru, Yasuhiro; McNamara, Danielle S.
2014-06What Do They Do?: Tracing Students’ Patterns of Interactions within a Game-Based Intelligent Tutoring SystemSnow, Erica L.; Jackson, G. Tanner; McNamara, Danielle S.
2004-06World Knowledge Driving Young Readers’ Comprehension DifficultiesMcNamara, Danielle S.; Floyd, Randy G.; Best, Rachel; Louwerse, Max