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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Design Research in Early Literacy within the Zone of Proximal ImplementationMcKenney, Susan; Kirschner, Paul; Voogt, Joke
2016-07Designing Science Curriculum for Implementation at Scale: Considerations for Diverse and Resource-Limited SettingsBernstein, Debra; Drayton, Brian; McKenney, Susan; Schunn, Christian
2016-07The Effects of Coaching on the Teaching and Learning of English in Indian Government SchoolsRaval, Harini; Kaul, Chittaranjan; McKenney, Susan
2024Mapping Interventions of Teacher Reflective Dialoguevan der Linden, Sara; Chen, Gaowei; McKenney, Susan; Kobiela, Marta; Connolly, Edel; Wallace, Adia; Carvalho, Renato; Slotta, James D.; Walsh, Marguerite; Schunn, Christian D.
2022Mapping the Complexities and Benefits of Research-Design PartnershipsMercier, Emma; Lawrence, LuEttaMae; Ahn, June; Wegemer, Christopher; Benichou, Maya; Kali, Yael; Hod, Yotam; Borge, Marcela; Gomez, Kimberley; Lee, Ung-Sang; McKenney, Susan; Poortman, Cindy; Arce-Trigatti, Paula; Cheng, Britte Haugan
2018-07Measuring the Scale Outcomes of Curriculum MaterialsRoblin, Natalie Pareja; Schunn, Chris; McKenney, Susan
2016-07Realizing Research-Practice Connections: Three Cases From the Learning SciencesMcKenney, Susan; van Aalst, Jan; Forbes, Cory
2024ReDesign of a Teacher Reflection Formative Assessment Toolvan der Linden, Sara; Voerman, Derren; McKenney, Susan
2023Supporting Collaborative Online Science Education With a Transferable and Configurable Conversational Agentde Araujo, Adelson; Papadopoulos, Pantelis M.; McKenney, Susan; de Jong, Ton
2023Supporting Teacher Reflection in Video-Coaching Settingsvan der Linden, Sara; McKenney, Susan
2014-06Tightening Research-Practice Connections: Taking ISLS Findings to Public DebateMcKenney, Susan; Gomez, Kimberley; Reiser, Brian J.