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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Design-based Research in GIS-infused Disciplinary Courses: Toward a Design FrameworkJames, Katie; McGee, Steven; Uttal, David; Kolvoord, Bob
2021-06Designing Educative Supports for Scientific Argumentation: A Case Study of DBR before and during the PandemicEasley, Kathleen; McGee, Steven; McGee-Tekula, Randi; Britt, Anne; Rupp, Katy; Higgs, Karyn
2004-06Developing Historical Thinking Practices through Technology-Supported InquiryPolman, Joseph L.; Westhoff, Laura; O'Neill, D. Kevin; Sohbat, Elahe; Asgari, Mahboubeh; Shin, Namsoo; McGee, Steven; Radinsky, Josh; Bell, Philip
2014-06Exploring How Mobile Technology Provides Inquiry Supports for Middle School Students in Conducting Scientific Practices in a Ubiquitous Learning ContextLo, Wan-Tzu; Kuhn, Alex; Quintana, Chris; Delen, Ibrahim; McGee, Steven; Duck, Jennifer
2021-06How Does Students' Perception Of The Main Point Of A Unit Relate To The Quality Of The Final Argument?Rupp, Kathryn E.; Higgs, Karyn; Britt, M. Anne; McGee, Steven; McGee-Tekula, Randi; Easley, Kathleen; Steffens, Brent; Durik, Amanda
2014-06The Impact of Text Genre on Science Interest in an Authentic Science Learning EnvironmentMcGee, Steven; Durik, Amanda M.; Pastor, Dena Ann
2004-06A Multi-Level/Multi-Type Model for Design-Based Alignment of Instruction, Assessment, and TestingHickey, Daniel T.; Zuiker, Steven J.; McGee, Steven
2020-06Scaling High School AP Computer Science: Access and Outcomes from Chicago Public SchoolsWachen, John; Shelton, Adam; McGee, Steven; Rasmussen, Andrew; Wheeler, Erica; Dettori, Lucia
2021-06Spreading GIS-Infused Instruction: A Cross-Case Comparison of Two Instructional ApproachesJames, Katherine; McGee, Steven; Uttal, David; Kolvoord, Bob