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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06Co-Design for Learner Help-Giving Across Physical and Digital ContextsAhmed, Ishrat; Girotto, Victor; Mawasi, Areej; Whitehurst, Amanda; Wylie, Ruth; Walker, Erin
2021-06Conceptualizing Critical Game Design as a Method to Engage Youth with Critical STEMMawasi, Areej; Gee, Elisabeth
2021-06Expanding Science Learning within Community-Based Hands-on Transdisciplinary STEAM ExperiencesMawasi, Areej; Wylie, Ruth; Mishra, Punya
2021-06Exploring Self-Efficacy Shifts within an Informal STEM ProgramMawasi, Areej; Wylie, Ruth; Nagy, Peter
2020-06Fostering Science Identity Through Transmedia Storytelling: A Mixed-Methods ApproachNagy, Peter; Mawasi, Areej; Wylie, Ruth
2021-06Identifying Research-Practice Tensions and Belief Shifts through Co-Design ProcessesMawasi, Areej; Wylie, Ruth; Ganaiem, Wisal; Ganaiem, Masaood
2022“It Disrupts Power Dynamics”: Co-Design Process as a Space for Intergenerational Learning With Distributed ExpertiseMawasi, Areej; Cortez, Arturo; McKoy, Ashieda; Penuel, William R.
2020-06Neutrality, “New” Digital Divide, and Openness Paradox: Equity in Learning Environments Mediated by Educational TechnologyMawasi, Areej; Aguilera, Earl; Wylie, Ruth; Gee, Elisabeth
2024Researchers’ Roles and Context Complexity in Early Stages of Design ResearchRohana, Amani; Mawasi, Areej
2020-06Systematic Literature Review on Narrative-Based Learning in Educational Technology Learning Environments (2007-2017)Mawasi, Areej; Nagy, Peter; Wylie, Ruth
2023Thinking About Values and Ethics of Transdisciplinary Science Activities: A Case of Palestinian Arab Young LearnersMawasi, Areej; Wylie, Ruth
2023Thinking Artistically: Artistic Compositions of Interactions as a Lens for Understanding Learners EngagementMawasi, Areej; Singha, Shagun
2020-06Using Design-Based Research to Improve Peer Help-Giving in a Middle School Math ClassroomMawasi, Areej; Ahmed, Ishrat; Walker, Erin; Wang, Shang; Marasli, Zeynep; Whitehurst, Amanda; Wylie, Ruth
2023“You tried one hundred thousand times”: A Learner’s Resisting Behavior(s) towards Self and Collective Rights to Participate EquitablyMawasi, Areej