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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008-06An aesthetic for adaptations: Going beyond knowledge and skills in explanations of adaptationsMartin, Lee
2006-06At home with Mathematics: Meanings and Uses among FamiliesStevens, Reed; Mertl, Veronique; Levias, Sheldon; McCarthy, Laurie; Goldman, Shelley; Martin, Lee; Pea, Roy; Booker, Angela; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Nasir, Na'ilah Suad; Heimlich, Michael; Atukpawu, Grace; O'Connor, Kathleen
2007-07Catalysts to Creating Representational Tools and the Benefits for LearningMartin, Lee; Schwartz, and Daniel
2022Discussion-Oriented Teaching in the Digital Classroom: Teachers’ Collaborative Adaptation in the Face of DisruptionMastrup, Kayce L.; Aiello, Liam; Athanases, Steven Z.; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Higgs, Jennifer; Martin, Lee; Martinez, Danny C.; Williams, Alexis D. Patterson; Welsh, Megan
2013-06Fostering Math Engagement with MobilesMartin, Lee; White, Tobin; Cortes, Angelica; Huang, Jason
2023The Future of Maker EducationBlikstein, Paulo; Davis, Richard; Rosenbaum, Leah F.; Zheng, Yipu; Bender, Sophia; Halverson, Erica; Keune, Anna; Martin, Lee; Peppler, Kylie; Murphy, Ciara Thomas; Vossoughi, Shirin; Worsley, Marcelo Aaron Bonilla; Yankova, Nickolina; Hooper, Paula
2014-06Make to Relate: Narratives Of, and As, Community PracticeDixon, Colin; Martin, Lee
2010-06Math Engaged Problem Solving in FamiliesGoldman, Shelley; Pea, Roy; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Jimenez, Osvaldo; Booker, Angela; Martin, Lee; Esmonde, Indigo
2010-06Mathematics at PlayJimenez, Osvaldo; Blair, Kristen Pilner; Esmonde, Indigo; Goldman, Shelley; Martin, Lee; Pea, Roy
2010-06A Photograph-Based Measure of Students' Beliefs About MathMartin, Lee; Gourley-Delaney, Pamela
2007-07Redefining Learning Goals of Very Long-Term Learning Across Many Different Fields of ActivityMiyake, Naomi; Pea, Roy; Barron, Brigid; Schwartz, Daniel L.; Martin, Lee; Hall, Rogers; Wright, Ken; Wieckert, and Karen
2022Tinkering in Parallel: Pathways for Professional Learning in EducationMurphy, Ciara Thomas; Martin, Lee