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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Assessment in Hands-On Library Learning SpacesWardrip, Peter; Chang, Stephanie; Penney, Lauren; Abramovich, Samuel; Millerjohn, Rebecca; Kumar, Vishesh; Martin, Caitlin; Widman, Sari; Penuel, William R.; Chang-Order, Josephina; Halverson, Erica
2002-01Assisting and Assessing the Development of Technological Fluencies: Insights from a Project-based Approach to Teaching Computer ScienceBarron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin; Roberts, Eric; Osipovich, Alex; Ross, Michael
2006-06Clubs, Homes, and Online Communities as Contexts for Engaging Youth in Technological Fluency Building ActivitiesBarron, Brigid; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Joseph, Diana; Pinkard, Nicole; Resnick, Mitchell; Martin, Caitlin; Schatz, Colin; Shapiro, Benjamin; Millner, Amon; Peppler, Kylie; Chiu, Grace; Desai, Shiu
2020-06Community Conversations: A Model for Community-Driven Design of Learning Ecosystems with Geospatial TechnologiesErete, Sheena; Dickinson, Jessa; Martin, Caitlin; Bethune, Anna; Pinkard, Nichole
2004-06Equity and the Development of Technological FluencyBarron, Brigid; Tackman, Jennifer; Martin, Caitlin; Mercier, Emma; Johri, Aditja; Johnson, Zanette; Wise, Susie; White, Marie; McPhee, Sara; Worth, Peter
2020-06Scouting for Learning: Surfacing Opportunities and Challenges Through a Mobile Diary StudyBarron, Brigid; Martin, Caitlin; Pozos, Rose
2010-06Supporting Young New Media Producers Across Learning Spaces: A Longitudinal Study of the Digital Youth NetworkBarron, Brigid; Levinson, Amber; Martin, Caitlin; Mertl, Veronique; Stringer, Daniel; Rogers, Maryanna; Austin, Kimberly; Pinkard, Nichole; Richards, Kimberly; Gomez, Kimberley