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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-07Agent-Based Computer Models for Learning About Climate Change and Process Analysis TechniquesKelly, Nick; Jacobson, Michael; Markauskaite, Lina; Southavilay, Vilaythong
2016-07Analyzing Patterns of Emerging Understanding and Misunderstanding in Collaborative Science Learning: A Method for Unpacking Critical Turning PointsPortolese, Alisha; Markauskaite, Lina; Lai, Polly K.; Jacobson, Michael J.
2011-06Bridging Multiple Expertise in Collaborative Design for Technology-Enhanced LearningKali, Yael; Markauskaite, Lina; Goodyear, Peter; Ward, Mary-Helen
2011-06Capturing and analysing the processes and patterns of learning in collaborative learning environmentsThompson, Kate; Kennedy-Clark, Shannon; Markauskaite, Lina; Southavilay, Vilaythong
2008-06Enhancing and Scaling-up Design-based Research: The Potential of E-researchMarkauskaite, Lina; Reimann, Peter
2014-06Enrollment of Higher Education Students in Professional Knowledge and PracticesDamșa, Crina; Muukkonen, Hanni; Ludvigsen, Sten; Nerland, Monika; Lakkala, Minna; Toom, Auli; Kosonen, Kari; Ilomäki, Liisa; Markauskaite, Lina; Goodyear, Peter; Bachfischer, Agnieszka
2024Individual and Group Contributions and Authorship of Objects in Collaborative Knowledge CreationSpence, Natalie; Markauskaite, Lina
2020-06Interdisciplinary Learning in Undergraduate and Graduate Education: Conceptualizations and Empirical AccountsMarkauskaite, Lina; Muukkonen, Hanni; Damsa, Crina; Thompson, Kate; Arthars, Natasha; Celik, Ismail; Sutphen, Molly; Esterhazy, Rachelle; Solbrekke, Tone Dyrdal; Sugrue, Ciaran; McCune, Velda; Wheeler, Penny; Vasco, Daniela; Kali, Yael
2018-07Knowledge Analysis Outside the STEM ClassroomAnderson, Eleanor; Gupta, Ayush; Philip, Thomas M.; Markauskaite, Lina; Kali, Yael; Goodyear, Peter; Hjorth, Arthur; Levrini, Olivia
2020-06Learning in Unbounded Landscapes ̶ Conceptualizations and Design From an Ecological PerspectiveDamsa, Crina; Richter, Christoph; Allert, Heidrun; Pargman, Teresa Cerratto; Markauskaite, Lina; Arthars, Natasha; Spence, Natalie; Andreadakis, Zacharias; Slotta, Jim
2024What’s the Problem Worth Solving Together: How Interdisciplinary Student Teams Construct Shared ProblemsVallero, Alicia; Markauskaite, Lina; Spence, Natalie