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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Becoming Together: Creating and Looking at Collaborations as Learning ProductsKumar, Vishesh; Jayathirtha, Gayithri; Halverson, Erica; Carter-Stone, Laura; Leander, Kevin; Tissenbaum, Mike; Wheeler, Nathan; Litts, Breanne K.
2023Centering Culture in the Clinic: How Healthcare Professionals Learn Through a Trauma-Informed Cultural Competence TrainingSlater, Emily; Litts, Breanne K.; Tehee, Melissa; Mack, Sallie; Cackler, Christina; Bank, Stacey; The IOC Team
2023Community-Driven Design: A Reorientation to Designing Tools for Learning With CommunitiesQuayle, Kenden; Morgan, Christina; Litts, Breanne K.; Yan, Lili; Haws, Dallas
2016-07Connected Making: Designing for Youth Learning in Online Maker Communities In and Out of SchoolsLitts, Breanne K.; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Fields, Deborah A.; Halverson, Erica R.; Peppler, Kylie; Keune, Anna; Tissenbaum, Mike; Grimes, Sara M.; Chang, Stephanie; Regalla, Lisa; Telhan, Orkan; Tan, Michael
2023Culturally Centered Curriculum: Sixth Graders' Learning Paths of Developing Knowledge About Native American CulturesYan, Lili; Tehee, Melissa; Litts, Breanne K.; Jenkins, Jennifer; Baggaley, Stuart
2022Designing for Technological Sovereignty: Forms of Relating With Culture and Technology Through Community WorkshopsLitts, Breanne K.; Pacheco, Rios; Timbimboo-Madsen, Patty; Davis, Gwen; Yan, Lili; Martinez, Alicia; Morgan, Christina
2020-06Developing Sixth Graders’ Cultural Competence Across the Curriculum: A Collaborative Redesign ProcessLitts, Breanne K.; Tehee, Melissa; Jenkins, Jennifer; Baggaley, Stuart
2020-06Diversifying Computational Tools: How Technology Affords and Constrains Indigenous Youths’ Design AgencyLitts, Breanne K.; Searle, Kristin; Hamilton, Megan; Yazzie, Kameica; Mannie, Cedric
2021-06How Community-Driven Design Research Endures When the World is on FireLitts, Breanne K.; Timbimboo-Madsen, Patty; Pacheco, Rios; Davis, Gwen; Smiley, Monica; Yan, Lili; Nguyen, Minah; Sherlock, Adam
2020-06Learning in the More Than Human World: A Conceptual Analysis of Posthuman PedagogyYan, Lili; Litts, Breanne K.; Na, Chungsoo
2016-07Perceptions of Productive Failure in Design Projects: High School Students’ Challenges in Making Electronic TextilesLitts, Breanne K.; Kafai, Yasmin B.; Searle, Kristin A.; Dieckmeyer, Emily
2023Programming Time: Exploring Time as a Cultural Construct Across Novice Computational PlatformsSinha, Ravi; Mensah, Phyllis Kyei; Litts, Breanne K.; Cardona-Rivera, Rogelio E.; Tehee, Melissa
2021-06(Re)presenting Nature: Sixth Graders’ Place-based Field Trip Experience through RestoryingYan, Lili; Litts, Breanne K.; Colleni, Mckay; Isaacs, Devon; Tehee, Melissa; Baggaley, Stuart; Jenkins, Jennifer
2017-07Reflections on Pair E-Crafting: High School Students’ Approaches to Collaboration in Electronic Textiles ProjectsLitts, Breanne K.; Lui, Debora A.; Widman, Sari A.; Walker, Justice T.; Kafai, Yasmin B.