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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Adaptive Dialog to Support Student Understanding of Climate Change Mechanism and Who is Most ImpactedBradford, Allison; Li, Weiying; Riordan, Brian; Steimel, Kenneth; Linn, Marcia C.
2014-06Comparison of Specific and Knowledge Integration Automated Guidance for Concept Diagrams in Inquiry InstructionRyoo, Kihyun; Linn, Marcia C.
2023Curating Data Sets to Support Students to Create Complex, Investigable Questions About the Impacts of COVID-19Billing, Kelly; McGhee-Esquivel, Christina; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Linn, Marcia C.
2016-07Designing a Data-Centered Approach to Inquiry Practices With Virtual Models of DensityM.Vitale, Jonathan; Madhok, Jacqueline; Linn, Marcia C.
2021-06Designing a Workshop to Support Teacher Customization of CurriculaBradford, Allison; Bichler, Sarah; Linn, Marcia C.
2022Designing an Adaptive Dialogue to Promote Science UnderstandingGerard, Libby; Bichler, Sarah; Bradford, Allison; Linn, Marcia C.; Steimel, Kenneth; Riordan, Brian
2014-06Designing Critique to Improve Conceptual UnderstandingSato, Elissa; Linn, Marcia C.
2014-06Dynamic Visualization of Motion for Student-Generated GraphsVitale, Jonathan M.; Lai, Kevin; Linn, Marcia C.
2016-07Examining the Impacts of Annotation and Automated Guidance on Essay Revision and Science LearningGerard, Libby; Linn, Marcia C.; Madhok, Jacquie
2015-07Examining the Real and Perceived Impacts of a Public Idea Repository on Literacy and Science InquiryMatuk, Camillia; Linn, Marcia C.
2023Explaining Thermodynamics: Impact of an Adaptive Dialog Based on a Natural Language Processing Idea Detection ModelLi, Weiying; Gerard, Libby; Lim-Breitbart, Jonathan; Bradford, Allison; Linn, Marcia C.; Riordan, Brian; Steimel, Kenneth
2014-06Exploring A Digital Tool for Exchanging Ideas During Science InquiryMatuk, Camillia; Linn, Marcia C.
2022How Do Middle School Students Think About Climate Change?Bichler, Sarah; Bradford, Allison; Riordan, Brian; Linn, Marcia C.
2023How Does an Adaptive Dialog Based on Natural Language Processing Impact Students From Distinct Language Backgrounds?Holtmann, Marlen; Gerard, Libby; Li, Weiying; Linn, Marcia C.; Riordan, Brian; Steimel, Ken
2017-07How Middle School Students Construct and Critique Graphs to Explain Cancer TreatmentMatuk, Camillia; Zhang, Jiayuan; Linn, Marcia C.
2021-06Improving Teacher Noticing of Students’ Science Ideas with a DashboardBillings, Kelly; Gerard, Libby; Linn, Marcia C.
1995-10The Knowledge Integration Environment: Theory and DesignBell, Philip; Davis, Elizabeth A.; Linn, Marcia C.
2017-07Learning About Climate Change Through CooperationApplebaum, Lauren R.; Fricke, Kyle W.; Vitale, Jonathan M.; Linn, Marcia C.
2014-06Promoting Student Learning through Automated Formative Guidance on Chemistry DrawingsRafferty, Anna N.; Gerard, Libby; McElhaney, Kevin; Linn, Marcia C.
2022Responses of Rural Chinese Teachers to Workshops on Culturally Relevant Constructivist PedagogyLi, Weiying; Linn, Marcia C.