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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-07Agent-Based Models to Support Bioscience Learning in Nursing EducationDubovi, Ilana; Lee, Victor
2010-06Anomalous Graph Data and Claim Revision During ArgumentationBerland, Leema; Lee, Victor
2006-06Beyond transparency: How students make representations meaningfulLee, Victor; Sherin, Bruce
2020-06Blending Everyday Movement and Representational Infrastructure: An Interaction Analysis of Kindergarteners Coding Robot RoutesSilvis, Deborah; Lee, Victor; Clarke-Midura, Jody; Shumway, Jessica; Kozlowski, Joseph
2006-06Changing Conceptual Ecologies with Task-structured Science CurriculaKanter, David; Sherin, Bruce; Lee, Victor
2019-06Comparing the Effectiveness of Supports for Collaborative Dialogic Sense-Making with Agent-Based ModelsDubovi, Ilana; Lee, Victor
2020-06Design of an Expansively-Framed Board Game-based Unit to Introduce Computer Programming to Upper Elementary StudentsLee, Victor; Poole, Frederick; Clarke-Midura, Jody; Recker, Mimi
2010-06From Gettysburg to the Cuban Missile Crisis: Designing for historical reenactments with TwitterCaswell, Tom; Jensen, Marion; Lee, Victor; Shelton, Brett
2008-06How to study learning processes? Reflection on methods for fine-grain data analysisParnafes, Orit; Hammer, David; Louca, Loucas; Sherin, Bruce; Lee, Victor; Krakowski, Moshe; DiSessa, Andrea; Edelson, Daniel
2019-06Personal Embodiment, Social Enactment: Collaborative Learning With Body TechnologyFields, Deborah; Ching, Cynthia Carter; Lee, Victor; Litts, Breanne; Mortensen, Chase; Danish, Joshua; Humburg, Megan; Davis, Bria; Tu, Xintian; Lui, Debora; Shaw, Mia; Jayathirtha, Gayithri; Kafai, Yasmin; Lindberg, Lindsay; Lindgren, Robb; Planey, James; Morphew, Jason; Taylor, Katie Headrick Taylor; Bell, Adam; Riesland, Erin; Hays, Maria; Silvis, Deborah; Dubovi, Ilana; Enyedy, Noel; Hall, Rogers
2012-07Physical Activity Data Use by Technoathletes: Examples of Collection, Inscription, and IdentificationLee, Victor; Drake, Joel
2010-06Small Groups, Big Mistakes: The Emergence of Faulty Rules During a Collaborative Board GameBerland, Matthew; Lee, Victor; DuMont, Maneksha
2010-06Students' Investigations with Physical Activity Data DevicesLee, Victor; DuMont, Maneksha
2012-07What a Long Strange Trip It's Been: A Comparison of Authors, Abstracts, and References in the 1991 and 2010 ICLS ProceedingsLee, Victor; Ye, Lei; Recker, Mimi