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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Axiological Tools for Expanding Ideas About Elementary ScienceBell, Adam; Carlone, Heidi B.; Jen, Tessaly; Johnson, Heather; Lee, Sarah; Henrie, Andrea; Zhang, Liwei
2021-06Elementary Science Teachers’ Use of Representations to Build Shared Understanding from Students’ Diverse Ideas and PracticesPierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Lee, Sarah; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Enyedy, Noel
2021-06Exploring Elementary Science Teacher Identity in a Professional Development Program: Soren’s StoryAskew, Rachel; Daniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah; Enyedy, Noel; Cross-Francis, Dionne
2021-06Friends as Flowers: How Perspective-Taking and Empathy Transform Children’s Relationships to Science and NatureJen, Tessaly; Lee, Sarah; Cosic, Lana; Askew, Rachel; Daniel, Bethany; Enyedy, Noel
2023Learning to be a Science Teacher: The Worries, Joys, and Vulnerabilities of Exploring New PedagogiesHumburg, Megan; Bell, Adam; Keifert, D Teo; Tu, Xintian; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Danish, Joshua; Lee, Sarah; Henrie, Andrea; Rogers, Meredith Park; Francis, Dionne Cross; Enyedy, Noel
2022Navigating Making Space: Attending to Multiple Learning Pathways in Science LearningBell, Adam; Lee, Sarah; Haverly, Christa; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Johnson, Heather; Salgado, Michelle; Shim, Soo-Yean; Krist, Christina; Nation, Jasmine; Kang, Hosun
2022Science Teachers’ Ideological Shifts About Multilingual LearnersDaniel, Bethany; Pierson, Ashlyn; Keifert, Danielle; Lee, Sarah; Askew, Rachel
2023Sustaining Participation in an Elementary Science PD CommunityDaniel, Bethany; Lee, Sarah; Askew, Rachel; Bell, Adam; Henrie, Andrea; Johnson, Heather; Pierson, Ashlyn; Ziegler, Hannah; Keifert, D. Teo