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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Caste and Queerness in Hindu India: Examining How Human-More Than Human Relations Shape Learning SpacesKrishnamoorthy, Rishi
2022Collaborating Online Through a Pandemic: Designing Virtual Spaces for Rightful PresenceKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Austin, Tasha; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Tan, Edna; Reichsman, Frieda; Smithen, Burrell; Joshi, Jaya
2023Contesting With Feeling: Childhood in and Through Public EducationBlake, Ali R.; Chen, Grace A.; Ostrowdun, Christopher; Murphy, Ciara Thomas; Vogelstein, Lauren; Radke, Sarah C.; Krishnamoorthy, Rishi; Fisher, Kristin Saba; Kelton, Molly L.; Y., Jasmine
2023De/settling Powered Differentials and Disciplinary Practices Through Rightful Presence: Examining How Power, Emotions, and Resistance Shaped Emerging Epistemic Ideals in Middle School ScienceKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Tan, Edna; Asada, Megumi
2023Designing Science Curricula That Disrupt Disciplinary Boundaries Towards Sociopolitical Change: A Middle School Life Science UnitDuncan, Ravit Golan; Krishnamoorthy, Rishi; Tan, Edna; Austin, Tasha; Reichsman, Frieda; Dabholkar, Sugat; Worsley, Ti'Era; Islam, Anhar; Smithen, Burrell; Joshi, Jaya; Asada, Megumi
2021-06The Immune System and Hindu Nationalism: Nation Making in a Grade 8 Biology LessonKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Y., Jasmine
2021-06Learning to Center Relational Ontologies: Desettling Interaction Analysis MethodsKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Elliott, Colin Hennessy; Y., Jasmine; Bang, Megan; Marin, Ananda
2023Probing Beyond the Biology: Centering a Relational Ontology in Middle-School Science Modeling Towards Rightful PresenceKrishnamoorthy, Rishi; Tan, Edna; Duncan, Ravit Golan; Dabholkar, Sugat; Smithen, Burrell
2020-06Temporalities In and Of Research: Cases From an Afterschool Documentary Filmmaking ProgramVelamur, Arundhati; Della Volpe, Daniela; Jones-Bey, Noor; Krishnamoorthy, Rishi; Y., Jasmine; Malone, Hui-Ling; Radke, Sarah; Kelton, Molly; Levandov, Jessie; Marin, Ananda