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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-07Beyond Just Getting Our Word Out: Creating Pipelines From Learning Sciences Research to Educational PracticesJacobson, Michael J.; Lund, Kristine; Hoadley, Christopher; Vatrapu, Ravi; Kolodner, Janet L.; Reimann, Peter
2002-01Case Application Suite: Promoting Collaborative Case Application in Learning By Design ClassroomsOwensby, JaKita N.; Kolodner, Janet L.
2004-06Case Application Suite: Scaffolding Use of Expert Cases in Middle-School Project-Based Inquiry ClassroomsOwensby, Jakita N.; Kolodner, Janet L.
1996-07A Case Study of Problem-Based Learning in a Middle-School Science Class: Lessons LearnedGertzman, Alice; Kolodner, Janet L.
1995-10Computational Support for Collaborative Learning through Generative Problem SolvingMarayanan, En. Hari; Hmelo, Cindy E.; Petrushin, Valery; Newsletter, Wendy C.; Guzdial, Mark; Kolodner, Janet L.
2006-06From Mechanical to Meaningful Classroom QuestionsCharles, Elizabeth S.; Kolodner, Janet L.; Karkin, Sabina; Kramer, Christopher W.
1997-12Integrating and Guiding Collaboration: Lessons Learned in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning Research at Georgia TechGuzdial, Mark; Hmelo, Cindy; HÄuuml;bscher, Roland; Nagel, Kris; Newstetter, Wendy; Puntambekar, Sadhana; Shabo, Amnon; Turns, Jennifer; Kolodner, Janet L.
1997-12Intra-group and Inter-group: An Exploration of Learning with Complementary Collaboration ToolsPuntambekar, Sadhana; Nagel, Kris; HÄuuml;bscher, Roland; Guzdial, Mark; Kolodner, Janet L.
2006-06Messy Learning Environments: Busy Hands and Less Engaged MindsGardner, Christina M.; Clegg, Tamara L.; Williams, Oriana J.; Kolodner, Janet L.
2006-06Moving Forward: The Learning Sciences and the Future of EducationSawyer, R. Keith; Collins, Allan; Confrey, Jere; Kolodner, Janet L.; Scardamalia, Marlene
1996-07Problem-based Learning Meets Case-based ReasoningKolodner, Janet L.; Hmelo, Cindy E.; Narayanan, N. Hari
1997-12Roles of a Case Library as a Collaborative Tool for Fostering ArgumentationKolodner, Janet L.; Schwarz, Baruch; Barkai, Reuma DeGroot; Levy-Neumand, Edith; Tcherni, Anna; Turbovsk, Anat
2004-06Using "Rules of Thumb" Practices to Enhance Conceptual Understanding and Scientific Reasoning in Project Based Inquiry ClassroomsRyan, Michael T.; Kolodner, Janet L.
2006-06Visualizing Discussion by the Use of the Conversation Chain ModelKarkin, Sabina; Charles, Elizabeth S.; Kolodner, Janet L.